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Apr 27, 2010 03:29 PM

Best BBQ in Chicago?

I like the smoked stuff. I'm in town for 3 days and would really appreciate some tips on how to find the best BBQ in Chicago. We'll be downtown, but I ain't afraid to travel.

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  1. There's no consensus, but you can find lots of opinions in the extensive discussion of Chicago barbecue at

    If you like your flavor created primarily by smoking the meat more so than by slow-cooking it with a barbecue sauce, you'd probably like Smoque, which is easily accessible by car/cab from the Kennedy Expressway and by el from the CTA Blue Line.

    1. Texas Brisket - Smoque

      Memphis style - HonkyTonk

      Chicago Style -
      Although, for Chicago style, i prefer Uncle John's, but it's takeout ONLY, and it's a funky neighborhood. It's on E 69th street if you dare. Look it up, you'll find it.

      1. Having just driven through Texas, I personally don't think Chicago is a barbecue mecca so if you're a BBQ aficionado you might be disappointed.

        Smoque is probably the best of the bunch and my favorite. I haven't tried Honky Tonk, but I've heard good things. Other favorites include Honey 1, Smoque Daddy and Fat Willies.

        There are other types of food that Chicago does really well. Let us know if you have an interest in any of them as well.

        1. Fat Willy's Rib Shack, Uncle John's, Honky Tonk...if I had to pick a top three.

          Fat Willy's and Honky Tonk have kick a$$ food and an enjoyable atmosphere. Uncle John's may not have the same feel, but the food is just as good and it's not a funky neighborhood. Some people have an aversion to the south side, but I really don't see how Fat Willy's in Logan Square is any safer.

          Another great spot is Skrine Chops, if you find yourself wandering around the financial district. Awesome pork chops, ribs, chicken...

          Skrine Chops
          400 S Finacial Place, Chicago, IL

          Fat Willy's Rib Shack
          2416 W Schubert Ave, Chicago, IL 60647