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Apr 27, 2010 02:44 PM

Cooking on the Beach in Honolulu

Okay, this may be a bit strange but I think it's a really Chowhoundy kind of question...Is there a nice beach somewhere not too far from Waikiki where I could set up a cheap grill or where they have built-ins? I'm just visiting for a few days but I want to cook for my friends who are coming from very far away and I wont have a kitchen at my hotel. I learned where I can get superb ingredients from this board, I just need somewhere nice where I could put things together. Thanks so much.

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    1. re: flylice2x

      Thanks! I did see that they had grills. Is that it for the area?

      1. re: michaelyee

        I'll second the recommendation for Ala Moana Beach Park. If you're planning to cook on a weekend afternoon, get there early or else you may have problems finding parking or a nice spot with shade. Otherwise, you'll have a great, relaxing time. If you're not going to have a car, Kapiolani Park would probably be closer to your hotel.

    2. no beaches have grilles, you have to bring your own, but any of the beach parks permit bbq, and most of them have concrete barrels for safe disposal of charcoal (probably what you saw) Both ala moana park and kapiolani park are close to waikiki and are good places for a picnic.

      you can buy cheap disposable grilles at longs/cvs, walmart, don quijote, etc. im not so sure about abc stores or wallgreens.

      1. Thank you all! Now only for the weather to hold out...

        Have any additional recommends for local (ripe) fruit and veggies? I'm going to miss the big Farmers Market on Saturday and hear that Don Q might not be best for that kind of thing...

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        1. re: michaelyee

          There's a farmers market at the Blasidell wednesday evenings if that fits your schedule.
 There is also a much smaller one thursday evenings in the Punahou area.

          Not sure if the following information is accurate and I haven't been in quite a while but there is a farmers market in Manoa tuesday, thursday, sunday mornings.

          Whole foods in Kahala has very nice looking produce that you'll pay a premium for.

          1. re: garrett

            There is also a small park between the Hale Koa and the Hilton, right on the beach.

            1. re: MrBigTime

              wow, that is small, i didn't even know that was there.

        2. The original comment has been removed