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Apr 27, 2010 02:15 PM

Anyone go to Vegas without making reservations?

I know it may be a weird, off the wall question but I'm curious. I see tons of threads about people planning out all their dinner reservations, etc... but does anyone on here go without making a reservation? My wife and I are headed back out to Vegas in July and she usually puts me in charge of making dinner plans, etc... but I'm thinking for this trip I'm not going to plan out anything. Just go, have a good time, and worry about food when we get hungry. Anyone else do this?

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  1. I'd be really interested in this also. I've been during the week in busier times (as in a better economy) and had a terrible time just getting in the door to marginal places without reservations. We ended up going from place to place trying to grab a bite - not fun. Last August I had reservations to a few places and found it much more relaxing to not have to worry about wait times. I'm headed out next week and would love to know the current state of play.

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      Next week has a huge convention, the Impact conference. It's IBM, and the town is very very busy. Not making reservations=very little chance of getting in with this convention in town.

      If there's a place you have your heart set on eating at, make reservations

    2. I never make reservations. But if I'm in LV for a week, I rarely eat at Strip hotels more than once or twice.

      1. I rarely make reservations. But based on my experience, if it is an absolute must try restaurant, then I'd call or e-mail ahead. I hate waiting outside the restaurant or sitting and doing nothing especially when my stomach starts controling my brain. Having a Plan B also helps when the wait becomes ridiculous.

        1. I always do.
          I just made three dinner reservations for our trip in May. Twist, Sage and Bouchon - I feel like we always go to Bouchon, but one of our associates might have a conniption if we didn't - it's the siren song of Salmon Rillettes.

          I do make the reservations in advance, mostly, because I'm the designated meal planner for my travel companions. This way everyone knows where they need to be and at what time. No fuss, no muss - no standing around saying "Where do you want to eat?" and "I dunno, where do you want to eat?" until everyone's starving and cranky (that would be me - the cranky, hungry one) and we end up at the culinary equivalent of O'Charley's.

          Which would make me doubly cranky.

          There are so many marvelous choices in LV - choices I don't have at home - that I want to take advantage of them.

          I haven't had any complaints (well, except for the Joel Robuchon extravaganza - but that wasn't MY fault - I told everyone it would be expensive!) and all of our meals have been excellent. I love Las Vegas.

          I gotta get to Lotus of Siam - lunch though 'cause Mr CF doesn't like Thai.

          3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

          Lotus of Siam
          953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

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            I should clarify - I always do make reservations.

          2. Prior to five years ago I never made reservations in any restaurant. We were flexible enough that if the fanciest restaurant at the hotel was full, we were happy to eat at the coffee shop.

            Nowadays, if a coffee shop even exists in my hotel, I'm lucky if it's open longer than 16 hours a day.

            If it really REALLY matters that you eat at a certain time or if you need to workaround other commitments, make restaurant reservations where you want to eat months ahead of time.