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Apr 27, 2010 02:12 PM

How much is my bottle of champagne worth?

i have a 13 oz bottle of 1945 Bollinger BRUT extra quality champagne and was wondering how much it is worth? i found it in the basement of someone i knew that died.

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  1. It's worth the memory you make when you share it with a loved one at a special time.

    1. If perfectly stored, somewhere in the $200 range. But I like Veggo's answer better.

      Champagne is probably the wine most susceptible to ill treatment, especially in half-bottles, so unless it had been kept optimally (<57 degrees) for its entire life, there's a good chance it's compromised. The level, color, and appearance of bubbles (most 40s Champagnes I've had still had some, although I've never had one from half-bottle) will tell you a lot even before you open it.

      1. If you do open it, drink it quickly, i.e. within 30 minutes. It will die very quickly once opened. This has been my experience drinking many old, exceptionally well-stored vintages in France.

        1. It is worth as much as you can find someone to pay for it. With that bottle, much will depend on how it has been stored and the paperwork to prove it.

          I agree with ML, that it will not last more than a brief moment of glory, if that, so be at the ready, and have a backup handy.

          Good luck,


          1. I don't know what the practice was in 1945, but today very rarely does Champagne undergo secondary fermentation in the bottle when the bottle size is 375 ml (approx 13 oz). Rather the wine undergoes secondary fermentation in a larger bottle, and is then poured into smaller bottles. If today's practice was also done in 1945, the wine might be in worse shape than a larger bottle of 1945.

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