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Apr 27, 2010 02:02 PM

Mylo's Grill in Vienna?

Has anyone been to this new restaurant? I read about it on a blog but can't find out where exactly in Vienna it's located. They don't seem to have a website either. They serve Greek food. Thanks!

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  1. I think you mean McLean. Mylos is in the Chesterbrook shopping center on Old Dominion Drive. It occupies the space with good Greek karma from its long-ago tenant, Zachary's. (The less said about the more-recent occupant, Corkie's, the better.) The restaurant is finding its footing, but shows promise.

    We ate there on a Sunday night. Shortly after we were seated, the owner came to the table to recommend the Greek specialties. In light of the owner's announcement, we were surprised to see that Greek specialties make up only a small percentage of the menu. I guess the new place is trying to hold on to the diners who patronized Corkie's so the majority of the dishes are American. The Greek options on the regular menu consists of dolmas and spanikopita, chicken or beef kabobs, and baklava and galaktoboureko. That night's Greek specials included avgolemono soup, seafood kebab and pastitsio. I ordered the soup, two people ordered the dolmas, and all of four of us ordered the pastitsio. Whoops! The kitchen had run out of the entire tray of pastitsio.

    The owner again came to our table, apologized, and explained that they were finding their way with respect to food quantities. They had opened Sunday following the hours of the previous restaurant which closed at 3:00 p.m., but had recently decided to stay open through dinner. As a result, there were overwhelmed by demand for the pastitsio. The owner offered to make lamb kebabs for the four of us, only to return after discovering that the kitchen only had enough lamb for one portion. We ended up with one order of chicken kebab, two orders of seafood kebab, and one order of lamb kebab. My seafood was moist and well-cooked but a little heavy on the oregano. It definitely needed a jolt of acidity, an easily remedied problem.

    The dolmans were perhaps the best dolmas I've ever eaten -- quite light and flavorfull. They're stuffed with a mixture of meat and rice. The soup needed less rice and more lemon. The second issue was easy enough to fix.

    The owner came over while we were eating and said that he'd be treating us to dessert to deal with the problems we'd encountered. The four of us split two over-sized pieces of baklava and galaktoboureko. Both were excellent.

    I'll definitely give Mylos another try.

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      Thanks so much for all this good info'...sounds interesting and certainly worth visiting!