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Apr 27, 2010 01:34 PM

Weekend lunch for 15 in Abington/Ambler area

I'm looking for a place in the Abington area for Sunday late lunch (2:30ish) for a group of 15 after a baptism. It'd be nice to have a private room and be able to order off the menu or have a buffet. This doesn't seem likely from what I've found, so a separate section in the restaurant will do. It needs to be kid friendly and I'm willing to go as far as Ambler. Some possibilities I thought of are Kitchen Bar, Shanachie or Jarrettown Hotel. Any thoughts on these or can anyone suggest other possibilities? Oh, and it's on June 20, Father's Day, so I'll need to make the reservation soon. Thanks!

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  1. Have you considered the William Penn Inn? They have a great brunch, but it's only served until 2:00 however. 2:30 is kind of late for a buffet on a Sunday.

    Another possibility is The Drafting Room.

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      Thanks. I just read that the Springhouse location of the Drafting Room is closed. William Penn is a possibility. Buffet doesn't have to be entrees-can be appetizers or hor'dourves. Unfortunately, we don't have too much flexibility on the time.

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        Say what? Springhouse DR closed???? yikes. What about Springhouse Tavern? Phil's Tavern in Blue Bell is also pretty family friendly. Otto's, in Horsham, has a room for smaller groups. Any local Country Clubs that would do a small-ish "affair" for you? I'll do some more thinking tonight & ask some friends.

    2. Shanachie does have a back room. and can do buffet or a la carte. Call Gerry Timlin and he can arrange what you need. Its good standard Irish pub fare.

      You could also consider the Iron Hill Brewery up in North Wales, (10 minutes up on Bethlehem Pike.) They have sectioned off areas that could easily accomodate people.

      A little further afield is the Joseph Ambler, again very good food (overall I like it better than William Penn but have not been for lunch/brunch at the Joseph Ambler.)

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      1. I held my daughter's christening lunch at From the Boot in Ambler. It was amazing, they did a fantastic job. We had a private room downstairs, food was delicous, prices were reasonable, service was great.

        1. Thanks everyone for all the recs. (I now have new restaurants to try!) We've decided on Shanachie. It has the laid back feel we want. And my son has an Irish name, so how can we go wrong. Still working on the details, but owners seem very accommodating. BTW, went to Jarrettown for mother's day brunch. Food was good but service was pretty bad.

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            Shanachie is a great choice, the owners are very friendly (as you already learned), staff there is always good, and it has a nice atmosphere. Please report back and let us know how it was, I've not been to any private parties there yet so I'm curious. Have fun at your party and congrats on the baptism!