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Apr 27, 2010 01:26 PM

Oceana menu recommendations?

I am considering going to Oceana with my father this weekend after reading the latest rave reviews and was wondering which dishes on the current menu are best. Also, my very good friend RGR has commented that she has had great meals there since the new location has been open. I respect her opinion a whole lot, so I expect that it will be wonderful.

Glancing at the menu it seems to be quite daunting with so many choices. Honestly, everything sounds really delicious. We love King crab but I do not see it listed as an entree. However, I see that you can get that as an appetizer so we will probably split that and the gnocchi with crab, morels, and peas (how can that be bad?).

Entrees are where it gets difficult. There is nothing like a big old lobster and Oceana has them in 1.5,3, and 5 pounds. I am considering getting a 3 pound and maybe another entree so that we can sample a couple dishes. Perhaps the crispy bass, grilled dorade, or dover sole.The roasted stuffed branzino for 2 with mushrooms, spinach, and mushrooms looks and sounds incredible also. I found some pics here and


Any other recs would be greatly appreciated.

120 W 49th St, New York, NY 10020

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  1. steak,

    When we were there for dinner, our intention was to get the stuffed branzino, but unfortunately, they were out of it. So, instead, we both got the wild striped bass. That branzino is definitely on our agenda for our next visit.

    I know you've seen my photos of our Oceana dinner, but in case others have not:

    1. We started with the Peekeytoe crab cake (excellent) and the caviar sampler (ok) and moved on to the curried whole snapper (sounds much better than it was) on our first trip in

      second trip went back after the crab cake (just as good as the first time) and they had a special beet salad (rocked!) and then had the dover sole (ok) scallops a la plancha (awesome),, stuffed branzino was gone second trip in

      Have fun!

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      1. re: carlylecat

        I see they have soft shell crabs on the menu as well. And I forgot to mention the tapioca crusted halibut which is one of my favorite fish. Another tempting choice. Indeed a tough decision.

      2. Just to report back for the fellow hounders- Oceana was a great meal.

        My father and I went on Sunday and had a great time. I was never at the old Oceana, but I have to say the space here is quite beautiful and appealing to any and all types of crowds. It was very relaxed and laid back. Loved the decor and the booths were real comfortable.

        As for the food it was right on par. Everything we had was delicious and very well prepared. Here is a run down of what we chose:

        Appetizer- We split the Potato gnocchi- King Crab, morels, and peas

        For Mains- We shared again the 3 Pound Broiled Lobster, Pan Seared Soft Shell Crabs with drawn butter of course, a side of romesco, blood orange hollandaise, and a complimentary lobster sauce.

        Sides of Roasted carrots, wild mushrooms, fingerling potato confit.

        Dessert- Frosted pound cake souffle with dark chocolate sorbet. And a side of coconut lime sorbet, espresso ice cream, and stout beer ice cream. They also provided very nice petit fours of these frozen chocolate and basil flavored pudding pops dipped in graham cracker which was a cool way to end off the meal. Nice touch and we appreciated that attention to detail.

        The standouts were the lobster, soft shells with blood orange hollandaise, carrots, wild mushrooms, and the souffle.

        Service was also terrific. Our waitress was very accomodating and answered all our questions in quite a bit of detail. We would definitely return and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a delicious seafood feast. It is very pricy but overall I left feeling completely satisfied.

        120 W 49th St, New York, NY 10020

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        1. re: steakrules85

          Great to hear you had such a nice meal. I was tempted to get the softshells and will have to go back to try them soon.

          I was there on Friday night -- and was equally impressed.

          Had a nice assortment of oysters to start which were fantastic, then we moved on to the Poke Trio (trio of yellowtail, tuna and salmon poke). The poke was the only dish we had all night that was just ok. There was nothing bad about the dish -- it just didn't stand out.

          For mains we had the seared sea scallops and the arctic char, with sides of wild mushrooms and sugar snap peas with sesame seeds. The scallops were perfectly cooked and flavorful -- a real winner, as was the arctic char (although I was only able to steal a few bites from my husband -- who loved the dish). Both the sides were spectacular as well. Simply prepared with quality ingredients. Overall - we were very impressed and will be back.

          1. re: kiworan79

            Agreed the menu is quite large and it seems to be changing every few weeks so that there is a lot that I want to go back and try.