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Apr 27, 2010 12:55 PM

Softshellls at Jazz Fest

Only had one last year but it was a bit dissapointing. Small and not dressed anyone with a report from last weekend?

Thanks in Advance


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  1. They were excellent but a bit pricey at $10! but it was a nice fat crab. Undressed except for two pickle slices--but with a table of condiments to choose from. ALL prices of food seemed pretty high this year...

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    1. re: jinx

      bout the same price as a beer....
      So tomato and lettuce can be had?


      1. re: don515

        I don't think there is tomato and lettuce, but i could be wrong. Mayo, hot sauce, ketchup, lemon, etc. But I didn't notice lettuce or tomato when dressing my catfish po-boy (same vendor).

      2. re: jinx

        I didn't notice that the food was any more expensive than last year. Prices are a bit high, but not surprisingly so. Though I skipped the softshell this year in favor of getting two things in its place.

        1. re: gastrotect

          Thanks pleny of other things to have. Think I'll get my softshell fix at stanleys. Fest lineup looks great Thur Friday my days