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Apr 27, 2010 12:54 PM

Rouge YYC - S.Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurants 2010

Rouge landed #60. Thoughts? Apparently, its the first Canadian restaurant to make the list in 7 years (since 2003). I went to Rouge about a year ago and I don't remember it being amazing or anything. Maybe I have bad memory...who knows...

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  1. I am delighted that ROUGE received this well deserved honour.! Kudos!
    Having frequented Rouge since it's inception (being a native Calgarian now residing in Canmore) it indeed has had some ups and downs but owners Paul Ragalski and Olivier Renaud want to know if any little thing is not right. One evening our service was off, dinners brought out at various times, my rack of lamb ice cold and so on.
    I e-mailed the chef/owner who answered to personally invite me back so they could make it "right" for an evening at their cost. Their quality, freshness, innovation and attention to details still make it a place to celebrate any occasion. You must go back when in Calgary and give it another try. I do not think you will be disappointed.

    1. Oh my GOD, Toronto Life mentioned Calgary?!?!!? This is huge!

      Seriously, huge congrats to Rouge, and this is excellent fodder to stuff down the throats of all the haters.

      1. Great dinner yes! Top 60 in the world nah sorry! I don't want to knock them and the location and ambience for Calgary is great (but in other parts of Canada is pretty standard) The server made you feel special... until you heard him give the same line of patter to every other table. The food was good even if not exactly what we ordered (and we ordered of the menu with no special requests!) but in a top of the world resto I expect every part to be better than the one before and I have to admit my appy and my desert were the best parts of the meal. Wine was good - through they brought out the wrong one first, celebratory drinks for our anniversary were on the bill (which is fine but if you open a bottle and bring it to the table to make a toast to us well I don't usually see it on the bill - or at least get some input from us on what we want!). So yeah great meal, would eat there again but I'm not sold on the title of number 60 in the world!!

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          Point well taken and I hate to "eat crow" but......I believe you have a valid point.

        2. Seriously ? My experience there was ok. The food was ok. I cannot believe this, there are so many other places in Canada that are more worthy. Well guess they wowed the right person.

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          1. Bruce Springsteen was spotted eating there last night.


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              Jeez, I told Bruce to give me a call for restaurant recommendations when in town.

              Rouge is mediocre. It would not place in my top 60 in Canada, much less North America, much less the world. This result utterly discredits that list.

              1. re: ChrisA

                We're thinking of coming through Calgary this weekend - what restaurants are on your list that we should check out?

                1. re: pepperpotts

                  Judged solely on food, in my opinion Rush is clearly the best restaurant in Calgary, and is even a pretty good value given the quality of the food. River Cafe has decent food and a great location. Chef's Table has good food (and is located in a nice hotel).

                  1. re: ChrisA

                    Yes food at Rush is very good, but service was very spotty times I've been there - really makes the whole experience less than pleasant.

                    Ate at Rouge last week, and the food was wonderful. So was the service, though I think they take themselves a bit too seriously, explaining everything to to the point of being condescending. I don't need to be told what part of a pig the hock is. I don't need to have an explanation of what an amuse bouche is (server never actually even used the term, just explained how in French restaurants you get a small treat to start with...) He kept starting pretty much everything with "In French dining..." And spent way too much time talking about how they specialize in local, etc - well, so do most of the good places these days, and seeing the names Driview, Hotchkiss, Spring Creek, Broek, etc on a Calgary menu these days is normal.

                    But, as I said, food was really really good.