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Apr 27, 2010 12:46 PM

Need recs for 5 nights in London near the Landmark Hotel in Marylebone and surrounding area

We are lovers of all ethnic foods and prefer fish/shellfish dishes- can you help us locate some moderately priced places close to our hotel? We can do some close cab rides if that allows for more suggestions.

Should you know of any breakfast places- that would be quite helpful as well! Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.

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  1. Fish and chips is hardly sophisticated dining, but it can be delicious, and is "ethnic" British I suippose!

    I haven't been there myself, but it gets plenty of praise on this board.

    1. I've lived in Marylebone for some time now. Unfortunately, it's restaurant choices are limited and if you're visiting you might find going to any restaurant in the UK expensive.

      The Golden Hind is great restaurant because you can bring your own wine and there's no corking fee. The GH is about a 10 or so minute walk from the Landmark. They also serve steamed fish so there are healthy options. If you are walking from the Landmark you can drop by the Odd Bins on Marylebone High Street to buy some wine for dinner. The staff there is AMAZING.

      A great breakfast place is Fromagerie located on Moxon Street just off of Marylebone High Street. It's a little pricy but everything is sourced from the best places.

      If you like Fish/Shellfish, you might want to consider FishWorks. I always find it overpriced for what you get. There's no wow factor for anything they service which may explain why the chain almost went bankrupt last year.

      If you like Indian food you could walk/cab to the Edgeware Road area.

      Almost forgot, Phoenix Palace is 5 minutes walk from the Landmark. It's considered by many to be one of the best Chinese restaurants in London. I've never had a bad meal there. Some of the dishes are expensive but you can pick and choose a menu within your budget. Really really good food!

      Hope this has been helpful.


      1. Nothing fancy, but on Marylebone High St. you'll find lots of breakfast options including Paul's, Patisserie Valerie and Pain Quotidien, plus lots of small cafes serving coffee and pastries.

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          I second Phoenix Palace for great chinese food. Also,the Colony just opened up on Paddington Street for modern Indian. Really good. Two blocks from the Landmark is Ishtar for turkish food, and if you want to down and dirty, Alibaba on Ivor place is a small egyptian restaurant, run by a family. No ambience, but good food. It is right near Marylebone train station, about a five minute walk from the Landmark. BYOB. There is also a great gastro pub called the Duke of York on Crawford Place(I believe) which makes great scallops. There upstairs dining room is small, so I would recommend calling in advance. If you want simple breakfast, like a yogurt or nothing too fancy, in Marylebone train station there are a few options, including a Paul bakery.

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            Ellen: is that the same Colony that Matthew Norman gace 0.05/10 to in his Guardian review a couple of weeks ago? ( or Dos Hermanos were luke warm about? (

            Looks like you enjoyed it a lot more, what did you eat and how did it compare to other places?

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              Do you mean the Duke of Wellington on Crawford Street? It's good, but does get busy so best to book.

          2. Not fish or shellfish, but Cocorino is worth trying for the sfogliatelle and good sandwiches (enjoyable pesto). Fairly good gelati as well.

            Do go to Pearl Liang (Paddington) for dim sum, should satisfy your seafood desires as well.

            1. Galvin Bistro de Luxe is pretty good for mid-day or supper. Oysters there are pretty good. It's an easy walk from your hotel. Have the concierge make a reservation if dining late. Price is reasonable for the quality you get. Nearby is Strada if you want to grab a decent pizza day or night. Price is quite moderate. Golden Hind is a "goto" place for basic pub grub.

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                I forgot to mention that I have a knee problem that precludes climbing stairs. Are any of your recommended pubs and restaurants accessible- allowing dining on street level?

                1. re: hopegoode

                  Dining outside at Galvin Bistro de Luxe is an option (recommended). Strada is first-floor dining. GH is pretty informal: order at the bar and they'll deliver to your table. All these place are a short walk from your (excellent) hotel.

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                    I thnk you may be confusing the Golden Hind fish and chip bar and the Golden Eagle pub; both are on Marylebone Lane.

                  2. re: hopegoode

                    You can dine on the ground floor at the Duke of Wellington.

                    1. re: greedygirl

                      Thank you for all the recommendations. We especially enjoyed Paul's Patisserie (had breakfast there many mornings) and Phoenix Palace ( loved it so much we returned for a second dinner before our trip ended!)