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Apr 27, 2010 12:33 PM

Dinner in Gladstone, MO / North K.C. area.

I will be in Gladstone for a training my wife is taking on May 1 and 2. Any ideas for a dinner place up that way, or even a brew pub sort of place. Something where we could have dinner and a few libations and not break the bank.

The training is in Maple Woods Community College and we are staying at a hotel just off of NE Antioch Rd and I-35 in what looks like Mid-Land Heights.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I don't have much experience up north, except for Kato Sushi, Em Chamas Churrascaria, and LC's Hamburgers. I'd recommend the latter two, and many others would recommend Kato (my experience wasn't great), but I don't think any of those three are really what you are looking for, as Em Chamas is at least $20/person for the full rodizio.

    The Dish (Chicago), Original Pizza (NY), and Leo's (StL) all have pizza that people tend to like.

    Stroud's is there if you've never been. Tanner's is a bar/grill - I think this is where the "chicken lips" originated that you found at Graze when it was around in DSM.

    It's too bad that Bo Lings doesn't do dim sum up there, knowing how avid of an Asian food fan you are!

    Bo Lings
    20 E 5th St Ste 100, Kansas City, MO 64106

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    1. re: jhojati

      Cool, thanks for the ideas. Yeah, been to Stroud's. I loved it, but my wife was no huge fan. Looking for a place to go, have some dinner, a few drinks and chill. Something like CABCO or that Mexican place down by BLVD Brewing that you said was cool. A "party" kind of place..

      Not looking for a "dining experience", just middle of the road. I will look up Churrascaria though, as we may need to do something fancy the second night we are there. (Arriving Friday night staying through 05/02/10.)

      Any other ideas? It can be a little further from Gladstone, as long as it isn't a huge PITA to find or get to at night time. How is the Jack Stack up by the airport? Would that be a decent drive from there?

      1. re: Inthewater

        As far as brewpubs go, there are a couple that I like but they aren't close. 75th Street Brewery is in the Waldo area, just south of the Plaza, but that's probably a 30 minute drive, and McCoy's in Westport, which has a great patio and plenty of places to go after dinner if you want to have a few cocktails.

        There's an Irish pub up at Zona Rosa called O'Dowd's - I like the one on the plaza, but I haven't been to the one at Zona Rosa. I think they have a good happy hour too. Check out Paddy O'Quigley's as well - I've been to the one in Leawood, but I think there is on on Chatham not too far from where you are. It's basically a sports bar.

        I'd definitely check out Em Chamas if I were you on Saturday night. It's a locally owned restaurant and you can eat to your heart's content. I like Jack Stack, but you'll spend probably as much as you would at Em Chamas, and you can get better bbq in KC, IMO.

        If you decide to head south into the Plaza/Westport/Downtown area, I'd definitely try out La Bodega (the place by Blvd. Brew.). Plus, you could try out Blanc Burgers at the Plaza, which is what I suggested would go great in the Zen location downtown Des Moines.

        For breakfast I think Corner Cafe is supposed to have great biscuits and gravy, but I've never been.

        Zona Rosa
        8640 N Dixson Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153

        75th Street Brewery
        520 W 75th St, Kansas City, MO 64114

        1. re: jhojati

          Stopped at McCoy's / The Foundry last summer on vacation in Westport. Loved it, but it is a bit of a drive from where we are. Thanks for the ideas.

          Leaning towards Em Chamas. What is this Zona Rosa people keep mentioning?

          Zona Rosa
          8640 N Dixson Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153

      2. re: jhojati

        This Tanner's is right along the road to the College where her training class is. I am leaning towards that, as she will have been at it since 8am. Lots of good choices. O'Dowd's sounds like a good time, as well.

        I looked up Zona Rosa, it looks a little like West Glenn. May have to check that out. :)

        Zona Rosa
        8640 N Dixson Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153

        1. re: Inthewater

          It's a mix of West Glen and Jordan Creek Town Center.

      3. I think you really need to go to Stroud's, a Kansas City institution. Check out the website below:

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        1. re: BChow

          It's a great reccomendation. I forgot to mention that on a trip to KC last summer, we went to Stroud's. I loved it, but my wife was impartial (not a fried chicken fan).

          Thanks for the idea, though.

        2. Unless I'm completely out of the loop (which very well may be), there isn't a Jack's Stack up north of the river.

          One of my favorite Mexican places is Ixtapa - on Barry Rd across from Zona Rosa. Great food and I'm seriously addicted to their Ixtapa Martini.

          I also enjoy Swagat's - Indian food - in Zona Rosa. Had heard a rumor they closed but called to confirm they are still open - yay!

          Tasty Thai at 72nd St. off I-29 is another favorite. Their soups just got me through a nasty bout of bronchitis.

          Briarcliff Cafe is a good choice, as well. I haven't been in awhile but I'm always pleased when I do make it there.

          For upscale ($$$) in a casual atmosphere - Justus Drugstore in Smithville is outstanding. Michael Bauer of The San Francisco Gate just wrote a nice little blog about it and The American Restaurant.

          Unfortunately, there is not an abundance of chow spots in the Northland. But we have a few gems.

          If it's nice outside the rooftop deck at O'Dowd's in Zona Rosa is fun. Though I prefer the plaza location. Not a fan of Paddy O'Quigley's.

          Have fun and report back!

          Zona Rosa
          8640 N Dixson Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153

          Tasty Thai
          7104 NW Prairie View Rd, Kansas City, MO 64151

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          1. re: Mushroom

            Nope, you are right. I could have sworn someone told me there was a Jack Stack by the air port, or near the KC Speedway. Maybe they were mistaken.

            Thanks for all the ideas, i will have too look into them. :)

            1. re: Inthewater

              i live right next to the airport and there is definately NOT a jack stack up here. Arthur Bryants, another famed bbq institution has a quick serve post inside the airport terminal, but I dare not step a foot inside...The only BBQ up north is Smokebox BBQ, and other random joints. Nothing really worth salivating over.

          2. Nick & Jakes in Parkville on 64th Street is someplace I enjoy a lot. It's a two-location chain with far better food than the average TGI McFunster's, though its menu is in the same general vein. They make KILLER house potato chips, and I had a great steak there a few weeks ago.

            You might enjoy Stone Canyon Pizza too, either in Parkville or the new one in Zona Rosa. Good, Midwestern-style pizza. Locally owned and operated as well.

            Zona Rosa
            8640 N Dixson Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153

            Nick & Jake's
            6830 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66223

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            1. re: dmd_kc

              Nick and Jake's is a great place for dinner and drinks. The food is very good, the waitstaff is excellent, and the atmosphere is jovial. The location is, I believe, the northwest corner of 64th street and 9 highway I recommend it..

              Nick and Jake's
              6325 Lewis Dr, Kansas City, MO 64152

            2. This doesn't really answer your question, but I'm assuming that if you can get from your hotel to some of the other placers recommended, that you have a car. If so, I highly recommend you cross the river for good food. If you're willing to hike it up to Justus Drugstore, you might as well head into the city. Plenty of options south. Also, if you're up for a short excursion, check out Wabash BBQ up in Excelsior Springs.

              The Northland is really a dining wasteland, unfortunately.

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              1. re: ulterior epicure

                We'll be driving down, but not really looking for any excursions. Trying to find something semi-close to where we are staying.

                Thanks for the ideas.