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Apr 27, 2010 12:29 PM

kosher bukharian restaurants

looking for info about kosher bukharian restaurants in queens. I know there have been posts in the past. what are the kosher certifications of these restaurants and has anyone gone recently?

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  1. Not responsive to your question but Ta'am Tov on 47th st. is now OU.

    1. There are a few - I know that Da MIkelle is under the Boukharian Rabbinical Council - all glatt meat, checked veggies etc. They have a mashgiach temidi as well.

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        was in queens last night-was going to go to gan eden but they were closed for an event

      2. I haven't tried DaMikele yet. But all my Bucharian friends say its the place to go. Their kashrut is Boukharian Rabbinical Council - Rabbi Haimoff. VERY shtark rabbi. Very dependable. I heard though that its best to go with a large group as its family style.