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Apr 27, 2010 12:23 PM

Need recs for Dublin stay at the Four Seasons in Ballsbridge

We could use suggestions for 3 dinners and breakfasts. We wondering whether there are interesting restaurants in Ballsbridge or whether we should proceed to downtown Dublin. Kindly let us know your favorite ethnic or fish/shellfish finds- we'd prefer moderately priced places. Thanks, in advance, for your help!

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  1. In terms of things near your hotel:

    The French Paradox for dinner is good (although I havent been for about 2 years but im sure it is still decent)

    Breakfast in Dublin isnt great but you should certainly try Juniors for Brunch (Saturdays/Sundays only 11:30 onwards) or for lunch (great sandwiches) during the week. Its a favorite of mine, It's fun and food is good wholesome stuff. they do dinner aswell

    You should probably head into town though or dinner its not that far at all and you'll have a much better range of places to work from....Chez Max is worth a visit for dinner (very traditional french but its good


    The new 'Bang' just opened havent been but I've heard decent things

    Pichet is worth a visit....Dax ( is certainly worth a go its a up scale bistro but very good at what is it doing and a very good restaurant.

    The winding stair is a nice place to experience when visiting dublin, its above a book shop and looks out onto the river liffey, food is irish focused can be fun aswell nice spot for an early dinner
    Breakfast in town you could try cafe metro ( does what it says on the tin.

    in terms of more expensive things you could try Chapter One if you want to splash out for dinner

    as for fish...i would say your better off just ordering fish in the places above...there is bentleys oyster bar but ive never been impressed...Jaipur on georges st is good for indian

    hope this try juniors though its my favourite place in dublin its fun and unpretentious!

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      Also it is out of your way but Ananda is worth a mention....You may know Atul Kochhar from Benares in London, this is outpost in dublin in which is has a holding it is a little out of your way though

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        Would anyone know approximately how much a taxi is from the hotel to the downtown restaurants?

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          From Ballsbridge to city centre, about 10 euros