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Apr 27, 2010 11:51 AM

Sao Paulo - cheap eats?

I'm finding lots of great advice about Sao Paulo, but most of the restaurant recs look expensive! I will be in Sao Paulo for 4days/3nights in May. I'm looking for inexpensive but good food of any kind though I am very interested in typical Brazilian food especially pizza and bakeries. Staying at the Golden Tulip Park Plaza on Alameda Lorena.

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  1. When you say too expensive, what do you mean?

    If you hold off the wine (invariably extremely overpriced) and - maybe - the couvert (which you can look at before taking), somewhere like Brazil a Gosto should come in under US$60 / head.

    The other thing about a lot of midmarket (and even some upmarket places) is that the poritions are huge - large even by US standards. So we went to Capim Santo and I had a fish encursted with cashews, my wife a seafood mocqueca and neither of us came close to finishing - these dishes were about US$40 but split between 2 it seems reasonable.

    The best way to eat reaonably is lunch rather than dinner; even top places (like the 2 mentioned above) will do a set lunch for about US$20. This also when many Brazilians take their main meal of the day.

    Traditional Italian - try Tenente on A.Lorena, near the junction with 9 de Julio. Again - portions are enough for 2.


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      You were surprised because most portions here are made for two. It is an unwritten rule in Brazilian restaurants.

    2. A.Mineira on Eugenia de Lima, incredible Minas Gerais style buffet. Very close to you.

      You are completely surrounded by lanchonetes and pizzerias, cheap. Go to the little places for juices, savories, prato feito(protein with rice, beans, and farofa), choppes(beers on tap), caipirinhas, and cachaca.

      1. If you are strolling in the Oscar Freire area - which you probably should, as it is close to you and very nice - go to Pao de Queijo Hadock Lobo, small coffee/snack place that has a delicious Brazilian cheese bread and Brazilian sweets. Espresso is quite good too.

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          The best pizza in Sao Paulo IMO is at Braz,, none of the branches are near your hotel, but you should try to go to Higienopolis or Pinheiros branch; the second one(very close to first place) is Pizzaria Speranza: Rua 13 Maio, 1004,Telefone: 11 3284-7509, which is a short cab ride from your hotel.
          An affordable fish and seafood restaurant with great moquecas is; it's not near your hotel, but it's close to Eldorado Shopping Center or even Iguatemi should you like to go shopping.
          For feijoada and other brazilian food (From the state of Minas), you have to go to Saturdays there are very busy and you can stroll at the antiques fair at the square Praca Benedito Calixto.At the Praca, saturdays only, there's a food market, you can try acarajes, sort of a deep fried beans dumpling from Bahia, or pastel, which is a brazilian street fair deep fried food.Pastel, by the way, is one of the most loved street food in Sao Paulo, there's a street market on sundays until 2 pm at Alameda Lorena, but a few blocks from the hotel, between rua Augusta and Rua Haddock Lobo. There, you can also try garapa, which is drink extracted from sugarcane.
          Nearby there's Galeria dos Paes,, which is a bakery opened 24/7. Another bakery in that area is Benjamin Abrahao, at rua Jose Maria Lisboa,

          Lebanese food is big in Sao Paulo, due to immigrants, and Miski is good and near your
          Viena Express at Top Center or Shopping Paulista, both near your hotel,is a restaurant you can pick your food and pay according to the weight of your choice,
          If you would like to go upscale for brazilian feijoada, you should try either Figueira Rubayat or Baby Beef Rubayat (both from the same owners) on saturdays. It's all inclusive, even the outstanding desserts. You should pay around 110 reais at Figueira without drinks and 96 reias at Baby Beef.
          Hope it helped!

        2. milenovecento pizzeria is excellent, and they have a sweet pizza that is amazing.
          And is very close to your place, braz is very good too, and they have an excellent linguica bread.

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            Thank you for the great replies!! This is just the kind of info I was looking for. We leave Fri, I'll be sure to report back when we get home.