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Apr 27, 2010 11:19 AM

NY Lunchbox

I sampled the new location today (2nd Ave. and 45th). I expected some disorganization since it just opened. True chaos prevailed with angry customers and staff scrapping with one another. They have not figured out how to divide responsibilities, so the same three people I had to interact with to place, receive and pay for my order were doing all three roles interchangeably. There was a line out the door, though it was not crowded inside. I ordered the sandwich/soup/soda special ($8.99) only to be told that it does not come with soup or soda. I ordered a soup separately and when I paid (20 minutes later) I was told "you ordered the combo, $9.50" - it still did not include a soda.

My sandwich - mozzarella panini w/ tomato, fresh basil and olive oil, did not feature any olive oil. Iceberg lettuce leaves were substituted for the basil. I can only report that iceberg leaves, after 10 minutes in a sandwich press have no taste but resemble the texture of wet tissue paper. The sandwich was bland - I would have used salt if I'd had some.

Minestrone soup? Well, it was soup. Typically, minestrone includes some beans, usually too many for my tastes. This soup had no beans. I added pepper, which was the sole flavor element.

Next time, I will stick with a tuna sandwich. Why will there be a next time? Simple - I keep kosher and that what I can expect to enjoy for my lifestyle choice.

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  1. I so wanted to find favor with this new spot since there are few milchig choices in the immediate area. However, I concur with KC and had a very similar experience earlier last week. They did not have many of the advertised items yet so I decided to go for the simple tuna panini. I paid before I received my order and though everyone that ordered after me was served, 10 minutes later I still didn't have my panini. When I asked the server who took my order he said it was still being pressed. The cashier yelled at him saying 10 minutes was way too long. Sure enough, 15 minutes later in my office the lettuce and tomato were still steaming and inedible. They also use dark tuna which I am not a fan of. I too will cut them some slack and give them a little more time to get their act together, but management does seem to lack organization. I think they should have ironed out some of the kinks before they opened.

    1. I was there last week, and ordered scrambled eggs on a bagel. It was supposed to come with "home fries", but was told that they didn't have them, and it would be the same price no matter.

      The employee making the eggs was making an entire batch of scrambled eggs, and stacking them up, I can only assume that this was for people that ordered them in the future, so that they didn't have to "Waste their time" by making fresh food. When he saw I saw what he was doing he made me a fresh one. It had no taste.

      I will not go back there. I have no confidence that the food will be good or fresh.

      I wish them best of luck.