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Apr 27, 2010 11:00 AM

Need food in Amsterdam on Koninginnedag (April 30)

Hey 'hounds,

we have a day-long stopover in Amsterdam on April 30. I was initially planning a little walk by the canals, try some rijsttafel, walk some more, eat some cake, and fly on out. After a little guidebook perusing, I'm getting the sense that the entire city is going to be partying in the streets and that most places will be closed. With that in mind, any good restaurants you know will be open, any food stalls we should try to track down, specific holiday do's, or great districts to hit?

Any help will be appreciated because I don't want to spend the entire day sitting at the airport!

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  1. Queen's day is a national holiday and a huge deal, so I doubt there will be many restaurants open. That said, hotels have to remain open, so your best bet is to look at some of the upscale hotels if you want a good restaurant (and money isn't a problem)
    There will be food and drink vendors everywhere, since everyone can sell anything on that day. Be prepared for crushing crowds in the major areas of Damrak, Rembrantplein, Leidseplein, etc - a friend took 45 minutes to cross from one end of a small square to another.
    If that's not your idea of fun, you should check out Vondelpark. It's still really crowded, but since it's a park there's more room to spread out. The activities there are more family-geared, so it's less hectic, plus the park itself and the surrounding neighborhood is lovely if you haven't been.

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      Thank you very much, sufunsified, that is really helpful information. I'll try and route us so we avoid the main squares as we attempt to traverse the city. I've got a guide book or two, so can find hotels in those should the street stalls not satisfy. Vondelpark sounds lovely and may be just the ticket after eleven hours on a plane.