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Apr 27, 2010 10:59 AM

BBQ I-37 SA to CC?

Spouse and I are flying into San Antonio, getting a car and driving to Corpus Christi for a couple of days (before coming back to SA and points north). Are there any respectable smokehouses on the road (or near to) between SA and Corpus Christi? Alternately, is the a different local delicacy that we should look for on that route?

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  1. There is a place called Van's BBQ aroud the Oakville area. I have heard positive things about it, but haven't stopped there yet.

    I make that drive often and not really impressed with any options on the way to Corpus, especially since Oakville Mercantile burned down. That was truely a great burger.

    1. Van's was on Texas Monthly's Top 50 list in 2008:

      Van’s Bar-B-Q

      Remarkable employee: Marty, the cowboy-hat-wearing grandma waitress.

      The combination of the frequently awesome mesquite-smoked meats and a terrific vibe have attracted barbecue hounds from far and wide for more than a quarter century. Inside, you’ll find old-timey claw-foot tables and a relaxed attitude about housekeeping, which is to say the place hasn’t seen a mop in ages. PS

      Rating: 4.
      2648 I-37 (exit 65), 361-786-3995. Open 7 days 7–7."

      Like everything else to do with bbq in Texas, there's likely dispute about that! Sounds good to me but I've never been either.

      Given as far as you appear to be coming, you should consider a side trip to Luling or Lockhart, east of SA, for the best bbq in the state if you're not planning on hitting them when you get back to the Central Texas area.

      You'll find lots on the places in both those towns (City Market in Luling, Black's, Smitty's, and Kreutz in Lockhart) on this board.

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        Thanks folks! I think Van's might be just what we're looking for. Besides, even if it's just OK, it will be way different from anything we can get in KY. There's a very good chance we'll be doing a trip to the Luling / Lockhart area once we get back to SA. Got to start scouring the board...

        1. re: susanova

          So i stopped by Van's on the way to CC last friday. There are only about 12 tables inside, and it was crowded at noon on a friday of course. Pretty basic menu of plates and sandwhiches. Also saw a sausage wrap on the menu. I was in a rush so I decided to go with a sausage sandwhich and a briskett sandwhich. Both were served on white bread. Tried the sausage one first and I didn't really think there was much to it. The meat was barely warm and didn't have much spice or flavor. The briskett was fine.

          I also saw they serve breakfast each day. Eggs, Biscuits and gravy.

          So if I was hungry and driving I would stop at Van's again. Would I drive there just to try to BBQ as I have done several other places in Central Texas? No.