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Apr 27, 2010 10:31 AM

good restaurant to propose

help - great friend is proposing to his partner when they come to visit NYC on May 14th. I recommended Gilt - before I knew it was a proposal - simply said they want a nice romantic restaurant - slight problem - Gilt has all that banquette seating - not the most private for a wedding proposal. I just called Daniel - of course they are booked - if any hounds has any suggestions for romantic and also private restaurant - it would be much appreciated.

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    1. Frankly, he shouldn't do it in a restaurant unless they've got a private room. It's annoying to the other diners if there's a big scene.

      Of course, if he MUST do it in a restaurant, book a window-side table at the River Cafe and time it so sunset occurs just around dessert. They're not terribly private, but you won't find much more "Romantic NYC" than sunset on the river in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. And if it doesn't feel private enough, there's a beautiful little mini-park out front that would be perfect for after dinner. They're terribly overpriced, but, well... that's classic NY for you. Gotta pay for that view.

      River Cafe
      1 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      1. I'm one of those who feels that restaurants are not the appropriate places for proposals, but that said...

        Gilt's dining room is absolutely gorgeous! And, actually, there is a table for two in each corner of the room totally separate from the banquettes which have a cozy, private feel. (We were seated at one of them.) Unfortunately, despite the fact that Gilt has received two Michelin stars, I thought the food, while decent, was nothing to rave about.

        You can see photos of one of those tables for two, as well as what we ate, in this set of Gilt photos:

        1. My husband proposed to me at Del Posto (we did have a private room though). The setting is very romantic, private room or not!

          Del Posto
          85 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10011