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Apr 27, 2010 10:19 AM

Park Ave Dining in Stanton

I have been looking forward to going to this restaurant for over a year and when Orange Coast magazine declared them "Restaurant of the Year"...I decided to celebrate my birthday there. We had 7:00pm reservations on a Saturday and boy...was it packed. I couldn't believe how early it was yet there wasn't an empty table. We sat in front of a party of about 50 people...that may be where the problems started.

I always have my favorite and most memorable food from every restaurant and I hold those as my level of "holding the bar high"...is that so wrong? The appetizers were good, nothing memorable and the flavor was okay. The bread basket and that very tasty sweet butter...I could have eaten all night long on that alone...oh yeh...I did. That is what I will remember only. The salads were good....and my corn and lobster fritter was okay. Tasted the corn..but where was the lobster? The sauce that it came with was very limited in quantity.....and I should have asked for more...but instead, I had more of that butter and bread.

Dinner...well...three of our steaks came lukewarm. I would have sent it back but we waited such a long time for dinner and remember that party of 50....we opted for eating lukewarm steaks. I asked for steak sauce since I heard they make all their condiments....and it never came. Vegetables..they came from their wonderful garden but I thought that they were not generous with the amount it came with. My husband's grill mix....okay.

Dessert....I compare to Zov's any dessert...it has to wow me or least make me savour every morsel...but it, again, was just okay.

I am going to give it another try.......because why else were there so many people? Maybe I will lower the bar a tad and not be so disappointed.

Has anyone else experience this at Park Ave????

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  1. No, I have alway's had excellent service and food. I have been for lunch, dinner and several wine dinners. I would suggest that if you have any issues while there next time, please ask for Mansur the General Manager and I can assure you that he will resolve any issue in a very professional way. Please give them another try, I would think that you will have a better experience.

    1. We've eaten twice there (years ago, within the first and second years they were open) and had the same reaction both times. I've been watching others rave about them and thought maybe it was time to try them again (but anticipating a firm "no" from Hubby) - there just aren't many "upscale" dining places in our area (West Garden Grove, Stanton, Cypress) for special dinners. Maybe that's why they're packed - no where else to go locally . . . ?

      1. Hadn't been for years, went back and ordered what I'd had many times before. It didn't measure up to the way it tasted years ago...consistency may be a problem for them.