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Apr 27, 2010 09:22 AM

Hubs in Vancouver

my SO is in Vancouver for the week. I wanted him to bring me something food related (like a big pastrami or some fresh lox, cheese or something), what do you think is worthwhile to hunt down and bring to the states? where to shop?


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  1. The one-stop-shop for locally sourced treats is Granville Island...specifically the EdibleBC store. Have a look at their site to see if something interests you. I'm thinking Thomas Haas Sparkle cookie dough, for example (assuming they still sell it). Most folks buy smoked salmon (which you can get on the island or at many of the tourist shops downtown.) BC Wine is another thing you may not have a lot of down where you live. Maybe an icewine, or something like that? (Be prepared for sticker-shock on the wines).

    1. Just make sure to check ahead with US Customs for any items that your husband *won't* be allowed to bring across.

      One time while crossing, I was eating a beef jerkey. The US agent politely reminded me that meat products can't be brought across into the US. Ironically, the beef jerkey was made in the US. I sat there for a few mins in the driver's seat, finishing the package of BJ, then he let me drive through, LOL.

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          *_* ha! a friend of min said they brought an entire side of pastrami to the states. i suppose they just go lucky.

          Thanks for the tip!

      1. i say cream puffs from Beard Papa's - providing that your trip is short enough that the keep.

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          Beard Papas don't even last from the store and getting to my car !! :-D

          1. re: LotusRapper

            Beard Papa's is in California now or at least San Francisco so maybe it is available near Oceanside too? I agree that their half life is about 45 seconds though.

            If you like cheese and can't get it at home, you could ask him to bring you a nice piece of Oka (made in Quebec). Just be sure he wraps it in lots of layers as the washed rind exterior can get a bit pongy at room temp.

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              Speaking of Cheese - the Mount Pleasant Cheese shop specializes in local cheeses....