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Apr 27, 2010 09:18 AM

Cold side dish that uses fresh rosemary?

My potted rosemary plant is overflowing! I'm having a BBQ party in two weeks and I'd love to include a recipe using fresh rosemary. I've found all sorts of recipes for roasted potatoes, lamb kebabs, roast chicken ... but I was hoping to do a cold, side dish -maybe some sort of potato or pasta salad? I just don't know!

Any fun ideas?

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  1. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I think you've found so many recipes for cooked dishes because rosemary really shines best when cooked! Raw, it is incredibly pungent, stringent, and overpowering. Maybe you could use a little bit, chopped super fine, in a big batch of marinated mushrooms?

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      This. I once put some raw rosemary in a potato salad--I didn't think I put in that much but apparently I did because you could smell the rosemary from five feet away and it was all you could taste.

    2. you could do a rosemary sorbet .

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          i like the idea of rosemary in drinks - i've seen a recipe for a drink made with pear vodka and rosemary-infused sugar water that i really need to try this spring

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          Agreed. Finally chop the rosemary and mix with lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil for a dressing. Some anchovies if people are amenable. Toss with your white beans and whatever veggies are appealing to you. Let it marinade for a while.

        2. I've been roasting beets and carrots and turnips together with cut up onion, garlic, olive oil, and entire branches of rosemary--as it roasts, you will want to stir the mixture a bit from time to time in you, mine is quite shrub-like! Maybe you could roast some veggies with the rosemary and then serve it cold as a side to your barbeque foods? Roasting veggies is a great way to use rosemary, I've discovered. You'll want to discard the branch but I leave the whole leaves in which are easy to eat once cooked--or fish them out if you prefer. If you do find a raw application for the rosemary leaves, such as potato salad, I would definitely chop's a very hardy herb.

          1. You can also use rosemary AS skewers...which is kind of fun.

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              Perk, so true!! Great for kabobs on the grill!