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Apr 27, 2010 08:28 AM

Sushi Land comments?

My daughter mentioned there was a sushi place in Bryn Mawr that some of her friends like called Sushi Land. Just wondering if anyone has been there and if so, how Sushi Land compares to some of the other local sushi spots.


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  1. Sushi Land is amazing!!!! Its on Lancaster Ave in Bryn Mawr, next to "The Grog" which is a small little bar with pretty good food too. Fish is fresh and they have some nice varieties in comparison to the other sushi places in the area (Mikado, etc.) It's mainly a college crowd in there with all the campuses located close by.

    Bc it is college oriented, you know the prices are good. Never been dissapointed. Stop in sometime and if you go on a weekend night, stop in the bar next door......I DJ there on the weekend.

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      Indeed college oriented, last time there it was all young college students doing underage drinking and the volume level was higher than a basketball game. For lunch with no students, quiet and good fish.

    2. Sushi Land is pretty good. They have some interesting Sushi Rolls. The Sashimi is excellent, really fresh. They are a BYOB, so come prepared.