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Food biking destinations

goldbouillon Apr 27, 2010 08:21 AM

I'm planning a weekend biking trip of 20-30 miles roundtrip. It seems to me I should take advantage of this opportunity to visit a wonderful food destination that's a nice 10-15-mile bike ride from Cambridge.

Here are a few I've scoped out already:

Neillio's Gourmet Kitchen in Lexington. Right off the Minuteman. Since there aren't tables, though, I'm not sure where to go sit and eat. DeCordova Museum could be the final destination.

Domenic's Deli in Waltham: Charles River bike path most of the way, then ride down Main St. in Waltham.

Any other ideas? Ideally, much of the distance could be covered on a bike path, and the restaurant would be casual and open around lunchtime. What I'm really looking for are convenient bicycle-restaurant outings that you've enjoyed. Thanks!

Neillios Gourmet Farm
53 Bedford St, Lexington, MA

987 Main St, Waltham, MA 02451

  1. g
    goldbouillon May 5, 2010 09:08 AM

    Thanks for the suggestions! We ended up going to the DeCordova Museum by way of Concord Center, so we actually passed very close to Verrill Farm -- we were just too worn out at that point to actually make it over. We had a picnic lunch with sandwiches and a great summer salad from Neillios.

    I have been to Wilson's Farm -- I agree, great stuff to bring home, and (in the fall, anyway) cider donuts for refueling, mm.

    Looking forward to trying Dairy Joy and the Bedford Farmer's Market. Hungry Nomad Maps seem particularly appropriate. :)

    1. h
      HungryNomad Apr 30, 2010 05:31 AM

      There's great home made food at Verrill Farm in Concord, it's a cyclist's oasis. They have picnic tables or you could get your food to go and head over to Decordova Sculpture Park for a picnic. Check out the Hungry Nomad Maps/ West of Boston farm tours map for a good route. www.hungrynomadmaps.com. Nice weekend for a ride!

      Verrill Farm
      11 Wheeler Rd, Concord, MA, MA 01742

      1. s
        Spenbald Apr 27, 2010 07:04 PM

        Wilson's Farm in Lexington is right off the path, and if you have a backpack or a rack, you can load up on some goodies to bring home. Not so much to eat on the spot. Verrill Farm in Concord might be at the very edge of your mileage requirements, but they do make some good sandwiches.

        We've done better driving a little ways out of the city with the bikes and exploring other areas. North and South shores are fun, beautiful, and offer plenty of fried seafood for refueling!

        Verrill Farm
        11 Wheeler Rd, Concord, MA, MA 01742

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        1. re: Spenbald
          justbeingpolite Apr 28, 2010 07:23 AM

          In June, once the Farmer's Market season begins, the Bedford Farmers' Market is right at the end of the bikepath from Arlington thru Lexington, next to the Bikeway Source bike shop.
          You can bike, then graze off the the fresh offerings, and bring home fresh fish from Globe seafood.

        2. digga Apr 27, 2010 06:17 PM

          I really don't like to eat too much in the middle of cycling. Coffee and/or beer close to home is my preferred sustenance!

          There's a popular stop for cyclists in Concord - can't think of the name, but it's down that cute alleyway. Sandwiches and such. Another good stop a bit off the path is Barismo Arlington on Mass Ave to caffeinate with really good coffee.

          169 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02474

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          1. re: digga
            Parsnipity Apr 28, 2010 01:01 PM

            I know where you mean in Concord, also can't think of the name. I would have to say avoid the crowds of spandexed weekend warriors mobbing the place. It's so overpriced, their sandwiches are not very good, and it's the opposite of chowish in my opinion. Yeah, I've had nothing but disappointment there. I'm sure someone will chime in with the name.

            1. re: Parsnipity
              digga Apr 28, 2010 02:39 PM

              P - I'm glad you chimed in. We've been there once with a fellow cyclist who is sadly, not as Chowish as we are (or we like to think that). We refrained from eating. Why are all those towns (Lexington, Lincoln, Concord) so devoid of decent food?!

              That reminds me that we have to try AKA Bistro soon.

              AKA Bistro
              145 Lincoln Rd, Lincoln, MA 01773

          2. nsenada Apr 27, 2010 10:24 AM

            This is making me miss Russ Donuts, that used to be on the bike path in Somerville. I was thinking of taking the bike path that starts in Newton, and circumnavigates the Charles. I imagine there are any number of good options taking a detour into Cambridge.

            1. Joanie Apr 27, 2010 10:05 AM

              I don't ride a bike but maybe the Dairy Joy in Weston? A little further there's Bubbling Brook on Rt. 109 in Westwood. More SW than you were thinking maybe. You could always bike over to JP and get a sandwich at City Feed and sit by the pond.

              Bubbling Brook Restaurant
              1652 High St, Westwood, MA 02090

              Dairy Joy
              331 North Ave, Weston, MA 02493

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              1. re: Joanie
                hiddenboston Apr 27, 2010 10:27 AM

                Dairy Joy is a great call, especially if you head over there via all those little-traveled back roads in Lincoln.

                Dairy Joy
                331 North Ave, Weston, MA 02493

                1. re: hiddenboston
                  djd Apr 28, 2010 07:16 AM

                  Anyone have a route for this? This is a great idea.

                  1. re: djd
                    Joanie Apr 28, 2010 09:39 AM

                    This is what my brother the bike rider sent, I didn't click but assume it makes sense. I like how "expensive" gets put into the directions to Dairy Joy.

                    To view Harvard Sq > Expensive Dairy Joy Weston, follow the link below:

                    Casey writes:
                    Alternative misses California St and Main St Waltham

                    This is the one that goes thru Waltham:


                    Dairy Joy
                    331 North Ave, Weston, MA 02493

                    1. re: djd
                      hiddenboston Apr 28, 2010 11:43 AM

                      I'd take the Minuteman Bike Path to Lexington Center, then take Mass. Ave. (it gets quieter after the center) to Route 2A by the Lexington/Lincoln line. Then I'd follow the old Battle Road trail in Minuteman NHP, take a left on Bedford Road, and wind my way down to Conant Road, which takes you very close to Dairy Joy.

                      Dairy Joy
                      331 North Ave, Weston, MA 02493

                2. hiddenboston Apr 27, 2010 08:30 AM

                  How about the new Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington Center? It's a combination high-end bike store/cafe with an outdoor patio.

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                  1. re: hiddenboston
                    greenzebra May 3, 2010 11:33 AM

                    I stopped by Ride Studio Cafe on my way to Concord this weekend, and thought it was quite good. I had an iced latte, which while admittedly is not the greatest test of a barista's skill, was on part with what I expect from Diesel. They also serve pourover Intelligentsia coffee, although I was a bit hot to try it after biking from Somerville on a very hot morning.

                    The space is nice, although definitely dominated by the bike shop in the middle of the room. They have ample seating along two bars, one by the window and one in front of the serving station.

                    Food is currently only baked goods. Although I was a bit uncertain given the low quality of Diesel's baked goods, I tried the cranberry muffin and it was fine. Definitely substantially higher quality than what I've had at Diesel.

                    A great place for a pit stop and caffeine break if you are out on the Minuteman bike path, and a nice addition to the suburban coffee scene for Lexington residents.

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