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Apr 27, 2010 07:24 AM

First Apartment Kitchen Necessities! I need help please!

I'm moving into an apartment from my parent's house currently, and I'd like to know what kind of items I'll need for my apartment's kitchen.
Utensils? Cookware? Spices?
What would be YOUR needed items for a kitchen?

I cook somewhat. I cook alot of pastas and casseroles, and not alot of sweets. Mostly pancakes and frenchtoast, or cookies every so often. I grew up in a house where my mother replaced salt with garlic.


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  1. You need one 2-quart pot, 1 frying pan, a colander and a sieve. You need 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 each of knives, forks spoons big and small. 4 glasses, 4 coffee cups. You need a spatula and a wooden spoon. Have you checked out IKEA's kitchen in a box?
    A lasagna pan, mixing bowls, serving bowls and big spoons and another frying pan, big if you have a small one. Zip lock bags to freeze the pasta you will make in batches. A kettle and toaster would be nice too. If you have a Good Will or Salvation Army nearby you can get some of this for little money.
    Best wishes for your new adventure.

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        I think eurocampbells has a good list, but maybe instead of two frying pans, you might be better off getting a larger pot, maybe 6 quarts or so. It'd be very difficult to make pasta or anything substantial in a 2-quart pot. I have a sieve, but I don't know how crucial it is if you have a colander. I pretty much only use mine when I'm making stock. I'd also lay off buying any serving bowls. A set of three mixing bowls will double as serving bowls (stainless steel, glass, plastic, your choice!).

        I would also add:

        Measuring cups/measuring spoons
        can opener
        A chefs knive, a paring knife, and a bread knife
        A cutting board

        Second the kettle if you drink a lot of tea, but if not, I wouldn't bother.
        I also love my cast iron skillet (or more accurately, my roommate's), so I'd recommend that also.

        I will be in a similar position as you in a few months, as my roommate is moving out and I will need to pretty much restock the entire kitchen!

        Maybe take a look at this Mark Bittman list also. I think it's the perfect list:

      2. The things in my kitchen that I consider essential would be:

        12" cast iron (or carbon steel) skillet
        10" nonstick frying pan (for omelets, fish)
        8-quart stockpot with pasta insert and steamer insert
        3-quart saucepan with lid
        2-quart saucepan with lid
        square casserole/baking dish
        5- or 6-quart enameled cast iron dutch oven

        3 stainless steel (or glass) mixing bowls (S, M, L)

        chef's knife (or santoku knife)
        paring knife
        Microplane grater
        wooden (or silicone) spoon
        wooden (or silicone) flipper
        wooden (or silicone) spatula
        can opener
        pepper mill
        silicone pot holders

        4 (or 6) dinner plates, soup/salad bowls, glasses, coffee mugs

        tea kettle
        toaster or toaster oven
        microwave oven
        rice cooker (if you eat a lot of rice)

        1. papillone,

          People can live off with very little equipments and utensils if necessary. I remember I used to use a flatware spoon to cook and only had one bowl and one plate. I think you can figure out what plates and bowls you will need. What you need will depend on what you like to cook. I think you need at least one pot and one frying pan. In term of pot-like cookware, you can get a stock pot, a sauce pan or a Dutch Oven. In term of a frying pan, you can get a saute pan, a frying pan, a cast iron skillet or a wok. Basically, you need one cookware which can do high heat fast cooking and one for slow cooking.

          In term of cooking utensils, you need a spoon and a spatula and a kitchen knife. I can go on and on about kitchen knife, but you need one.

          In term of spices, you need to have the basics, salt, sugar, pepper, vinegar. You may want to cut down salt in your diet, but never try to eliminate it. It is essential for good health.

          If you ever like to heat up food, then you cannot live without a microwave. It is pretty important.

          1. Everyone has given excellent lists & advice but be sure to add some decent but not necessarily expensive flatware, plates & wine glasses. Food nicely served is food that tastes better. Presentation matters & your friends & guests will appreciate it -- and you!