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Apr 27, 2010 04:57 AM

Shanghai cafe- Chinese Menu

Went to Shanghai Cafe the other day.. Did not have much of the menu.. Really just had a plate of steamed bok choy and their soup dumplings.. I noticed that on their regular menu, there was a section written only in Chinese.. We asked the staff for help in translating, they were not interested in helping..

The soup dumplings were very good as was the one tendon appetizer we ordered.. So, I guess my question would be, is it worth trying other things on the menu.. Is there a translation of the Chinese Section of the menu.

Just moved to Brooklyn and the proximity to Manhattan's Chinatown makes me want to start re-exploring.


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  1. Yes, here it is:

    Shanghai Café House Specialties

    12 dishes in the left-hand column:

    百葉結烤肉 (Bai Ye Jie Kao Rou) – Hundred Leaves Knotted BBQ Meat

    梅干菜烤肉 (Mei Gan Cai Kao Rou) – Plum & Dried Vegetables w/ BBQ Meat

    東坡肉 (Dong Po Rou) – Braised Pork Belly

    走油元蹄 (Zou You Yuan Ti) – Braised Pig Trotters

    炒蝦腰 (Chao Xia Yao) – Stir Fried Prawns with Kidney

    紅燒黃魚 (Hong Shao Huang Yu) – Braised Yellow Croaker

    脆皮黃魚 (Cui Pi Huang Yu) – Crispy Yellow Croaker

    苔條龍利 (Tai Tiao Long Li) – Moss Strips of Sole

    各式龍蝦 (Ge She Long Xia) – Every Style Lobster – Seasonal Price

    鹹肉津白 (Xian Rou Jin Bai) – Bacon with Tianjin Cabbage

    開陽津白 (Kai Yang Jin Bai) – Kaiyang Style Tianjin Cabbage*

    鹹肉菜心 (Xian Rou Cai Xin) – Bacon with Vegetable Hearts

    11 dishes in the left-hand column:

    芝麻蝦球 (Zhi Ma Xia Qiu) – Sesame Shrimp Spheres

    核桃蝦球 (He Tao Xia Qiu) – Walnut Shrimp Spheres

    干貝蝦球 (Gan Bei Xia Qiu) - Dried Scallops and Shrimp Spheres

    椒鹽大蝦 (Jiao Yan Da Xia) – Salt and Pepper Jumbo Prawns

    蟹粉菜心 (Xie Fen Cai Xin) – Crab Meat with Vegetable Hearts

    鮮露蹄筋 (Xian Lu Ti Jin) – Fresh Pig Trotters Sinew

    蟹粉蹄筋 (Xie Fen Ti Jun) – Crab Meat and Pig Trotters Sinew

    三鮮海參 (San Xian Hai Shen) – Three Fresh Sea Cucumber

    絲瓜麵筋 (Si Gua Mian Jin) – Loofa Noodles

    蝦子大烏參 (Xia Zi Da Wu Shen) Shrimp Roe and Sea Cucumbers

    小椒香干牛肉絲 (Xiao Jiao Xiang Gang Niu Rou Si) – Fragrant Shredded Peppers and Beef

    * Kaiyang is a county in Guizhou Province.

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    1. re: scoopG

      Amazing, thanks Scoop.. Any favorites, I should try.

      1. re: Daniel76

        Dong Po Ru - Braised Pork Belly. This is a huge slab so you will want friends around with you to share. Also: Crispy Yellow Croaker, Crab Meat with Vegetable Hearts and Fragrant Shredded Peppers and Beef. Haven't had any these though in awhile...

        1. re: scoopG

          thank you again.. I really appreciate it.

          1. re: scoopG

            Any idea what the sesame shrimp spheres are? Thanks for posting this!

              1. re: scoopG

                have not gone back, yet... However, i am sending some people here tonight and emailed them this link. Thanks again! I wonder if they would appreciate a printed out copy this..

                1. re: Daniel76

                  hey - i'm probably going here tonight b/c a friend wants to go, any more recs? ive eaten here a few times, but its been a while

      2. anyone else been taking advantage of this fantastic translated menu?

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        1. re: AubWah

          yes i recently went...will post very soon, blog is almost done, just trying to work out one last bug

        2. Just got back from dinner here and this place is really hitting on all cylinders. Had 2 things off the chinese menu-----the hundred leaves bbq meat and the beef with fragrant pepper and bean curd. Both were outstanding. Also had the soup dumplings and spicy cabbage. Quite the feast.

          1. here's my review with several dishes from the chinese menu

            you can see the full review with pics at my blog:

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            1. re: Lau

              Hi, Lau. New Chiu Chow was closing at around 9:50, so my girlfriend and I walked across the street to Shanghai Cafe. I accessed your review on my phone and ordered the Beef with Shredded Green Peppers and Tofu Skin from the Chinese-language specials menu. It was as you described it: Simple but delicious. It definitely improved our meal a lot. The other items we got were Kao Fu (good as usual), Spicy Cabbage (much better than I've usually had there - spicier, and with a somewhat horseradish-like taste I sometimes get in that dish), and 8 Jewels Noodle Soup (spicier than usual, not bad). I want to go back and try the croaker next time. Thank you, as usual, for giving me info I could use to good advantage!

              1. re: Pan

                glad you enjoyed! that place has some good dished that are worth trying...ill be writing a post on new chao chow soon