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Apr 27, 2010 03:10 AM

Fuquay-varina nc

any recs for this area,,just plain roadfood no chains????

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  1. Elliotts pharmacy serves the exact same flat grilled cheese on white bread with pickles or grilled pimento cheese that it did 50 years ago. It's not chic, but it's authentically old. And I was raised on them, so it is a special treat for me, if no one else.

    Joyce Family Restaurant across the street has authentic southern meat&3 buffet. It ain't fancy, but it's true blue.

    1. Joyce and Family for Southern homestyle cooking (everything is fried but tastey.)

      After that The Quay is limited. Daniels is a decent Italian restaurant a bit pricey and not as good as its other location in Apex.

      For Pizza -J&S and Assaggios are Ok.

      We perfer El Meson for Mexican but there are several to choose from and a really good Taco truck just outside Fuquay on 401 heading towards Raleigh.

      1. J&S for pizza on the Varina side (I think they do it well if you like NY style, but don't bother with their non-pizza offerings.)
        Joyce's for homestyle cooking on the Fuquay side.
        Nil's Bakery/Cafe on the Varina side if you like a light lunch (they're not open beyond lunch hours.)
        Unlike countgrog, I prefer the FV Daniel's location better than the one in Apex.

        If you do the J&S pizza thing, you can stroll down the sidewalk to the Aviator brewpub (no food, but you can bring food in) and have a pint or two.

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          I second both the pizza only at J&S and also strolling down the street and having a pint at Aviator.
          I have lived in Fuquay-Varina for 11 years now and have never eaten lunch at Nils but have bought bread and pastry's there.

          1. re: sisterbeer

            I've never been the world's biggest Daniel's fan for anything other than their pizza. We were at the FV location about a month ago, ordered non-pizza dishes, and found them just as mediocre as the ones in Apex, I'm sad to say.

            J&S makes pretty good pizza and a decent Greek salad, but like sisterbeer, I'd say to skip most of their other offerings. Their rice balls were TERRIBLE, and I do mean bad. Love their Sicilian pie, though.

            I can't recommend Joyce & Family highly enough, but I was raised on Southern cooking. My NY-born-and-bred husband is not quite as fond of it as I am, but he doesn't starve, either.

            Joyce & Family Restaurant
            135 S Main St, Fuquay Varina, NC 27526