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Jun 16, 2005 06:53 PM

Corona del Mar recs please...

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Suggestions for places in Corona del Mar--no specific food or price an issue...


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  1. The Bungalow on PCH-great, fun place for steak
    El Ranchito-Casual Mexican in open-air restaurant; pretty small, and very popular-get there early
    Oysters-close to the Bungalow-fresh fish with an Asian flare, upscale dining
    Mayur-good Indian food in an upscale Indian atmosphere
    Ruby's-for casual diner food like hamburgers, hot dogs, and delicious milk shakes

    Some other chowhounds highly recommend Svelte, though I have never been.

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    1. re: Samantha

      ah yes. the ribeye at the bungalow is pretty darn good.

      1. re: wilafur

        If Halibut is on special, that is always great, too.

    2. IMO, Corona del Mar doesn't really have any terribly bad food. But, there is quite a variety of eateries, restaurants, prices, and ambiance (and some are only open for dinner or just for lunch). Since you are making no boundaries, make a choice from the list linked below with these edits:

      (1) Brio closed and is now named Garlic Joe's.

      (2) Add Breugger's Bagels. It's across the Goldenrod Ave. from Starbucks on Pacific Coast Hwy.

      (3) Carmelos's closed and now Landmark (steaks) will soon be opening at that location.

      (4)(5) And isn't there a C'est Si Bon Bakery (3444 E Coast Highway) next to Rose's Donuts across PCH from the "Kitchens" Design store (black awnings)?

      You may want to include the restaurants in Corona del Mar Plaza also, but technically their address is Newport Beach.
      * Bristol Farms
      * Gelato Paradiso
      * Gulfstream
      * Tommy Bahamas

      If you want a description of what food they offer, name a specific. They're all good.


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      1. re: kc girl

        All of Corona Del Mar is technically part of Newport Beach. I like the Bungalow for its Craftsman architectural setting and its meat and fish type menu, all done quite well, yet not inexpensively.

        1. re: kc girl

          Cafe Jardin is not open for dinner

          Svelte is over-the-top nuevo in comparison to others.

          Gulfstream (mostly fish) has great crab cakes

          and on the other end of the scale,

          Quiet Woman is older American cuisine without change, but consistent in its menu quality, beef, chicken, fish, salad condiment turnstyle on table. Entertainment (jazz/old rock)

          The Place is like a biker bar, but has good burgers

          And, obviously, the to-go places are to-go places, but it is dinner.

          And, the most formal/old school is probably Five Crowns (Lawry's beef and English prime rib)

        2. t
          torta basilica

          To all the other good recs, add Bandera - good upscale American food & Asian Bistro for Thai/Vietnamese. BTW, I don't think our sushi restaurants are very good, but it will be hard to go wrong with anything else.

          The Health Emporium also has some good food if you're into that & Zinc Cafe is excellent for breakfast or lunch.

          1. Cafe Pannini is wonderful. Mediterranean in flavor, wonderful salads, foccacia, sandwiches, seafood. Priced well and a less cosmetically-enhanced crowd than some of CdM's other haunts. It's on Pacific Coast Highway near MacArthur. Between Golden Spoon and Ruby's.

            1. Just read my post from 2 years ago... that should read 'Bamboo Bistro' for good Vietnamese & Thai.

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              1. re: torta basilica

                I've read about Bamboo Bistroon OC Register I think. Been wanting to go. Thanks for the rec.

                1. re: brekkie_fan

                  There was a cute place named Diz as Is located on Coast Hwy, Its like going to Grandmas house.. I always had a nice dinner there..

                  1. re: Foodandwine

                    That's in South Laguna Beach - way south from CdM, but still fun! If the OP wants Laguna restaurants too (of which there are many good ones...), there are tons of threads.

                    If you want to include Crystal Cove in CdM, there's Sage, Mastro's Seafood & the eagerly awaited opening of the new Javier's.

                    1. re: torta basilica

                      thanks no wonder I did not see it last time.. Torta I will go with the GPS next time..

                      1. re: Foodandwine

                        Thank God for those - I'd be lost now without mine... ;-)

                        Also, not address-wise CdM, but geographically is Taco Rosa on San Miguel and old Ford Road - great margaritas & good food. Unfortunately, recent complaints about service, but sit at the bar & you won't have a problem.

                  2. re: brekkie_fan

                    Bamboo Bistro has many vegetarian choices....Nice...