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Apr 26, 2010 11:44 PM

Whats the best DFW Co-op?

I'm in Uptown. Any ideas?

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  1. I see no one has posted. If you are interested in fruit and vegetables. I would check with others in your neighborhood if they are interested. In my neighborhood, we have created our own. We have 12 people participate, and every two weeks one person (who rotates) goes down to the Farmer's market, specifically to Paradise Produce. You call ahead, they will fax you a current list with prices, and then you pre-order it. When you get there, they will load it for you and then you go home, divide it into 12 and let the group know that it is ready. Net net, for between $15-16 every two weeks, we have fresh produce, as we shop 2x per year. It has worked out quite well. Good luck!

    1. I wouldn't know if it's the best, but Urban Acres has a pick-up location on Saturdays at 5210 McKinney Ave.

      1. Taxco Produce is a produce and grocery company that has a front sales section where your co-op can go and pay wholesale prices for produce and grocery items. You can contact me...Mike Guerra 214-269-1931 or Please see and you can take a tour. I can send you pricing and give you more info if you call. Thanks!

        1. Are you willing to drive to make your pickups? Do you want it delivered? What items are important to you (eggs, dairy, meat, produce, etc). Concerned about price? Want to have contact with the vendors/growers? Looking for Slow Food Ark of Taste heirloom items? Only organic? These are all things to consider.