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Apr 26, 2010 09:21 PM

Feeling the pressure, Jersey Kosher halls?

We began our search just days ago and finding difficulty as some locations that we saw were "kosher available" but not glatt kosher. So my search continues...
We are looking at a good size reception between 300-400 people. In my research I have read about some places but after calling a few and finding it very difficult to get even an idea of price i thought maybe people who have experience can guide me as i want this to be as little stress on my future bride.
So here are a few places I was curious about... Addison Park in Aberdeen; any idea on cost per person (range is fine) How was the place? Is it well maintained and an interesting venue?
The Atrium in West Orange new jersey? The rockleigh country club?
I know about Crystal Plaza but as i had my prom there it doesnt feel right.
Also does any one if any of these are Glatt Kosher or ma glatt kosher event
Merion in Cinnaminson, Windows on the water in Millstone or if there is any place on Cape May that has Glatt Kosher and can accommodate 300-400
Any thoughts experiences or recommendations are very welcome.
Thank you

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  1. Rockleigh should be able to fit 300 just fine, but 400 would lead to an absolute mosh pit on the dance floor. It's a very nice place (my sister will be getting married there this summer), but you need to bring in an outside caterer to make it a glatt kosher wedding. When you say 'has glatt kosher,' do you mean an in-house caterer, or the ability to bring in a glatt caterer from the outside?

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    1. re: GilaB

      i prefer that it is in house as i believe it would save us some money but i am open to bringing someone from outside in.

      1. re: gmoses

        Try Greenwald caterers. He has his own place in lakewood, called lakewood terrace, and can run the gamut all the way up to high end. Should be able to easily handle 300/400.

        1. re: njkosher

          With Greenwald, you really, really get what you pay for. He goes very cheap, but at that point you're talking plain roast chicken and greasy kugels; conversely, the higher end is quite nice. Bargain well, and make sure you know exactly what you're getting.

          Addison Park, Rockleigh, Merion, and Windows on the Water do not have in-house Glatt caterers; this thread is the first link if you search three of their names with the word 'glatt.' I am not sure if the Atrium's (West Orange) in-house caterer is universally accepted. (Do not confuse it with the Atrium in Monsey.)

          1. re: GilaB

            You seem to be knowledgeable and I am trying to understand how things work. Perhaps you can assist me. If a place does not have in house glatt kosher. Can an outside caterer come in and use the kitchen that is at the facility or do they need to prepare and kosher it?

            1. re: gmoses

              When the outside caterer comes in, they prepare it and kosher it. (I don't think I'm particularly knowledgeable, but I got married myself a few years ago, my brother last year, and my sister this summer, plus I check this board way, way too often.) Koshering a kitchen is absolutely routine for wedding caterers, and I've been to many glatt weddings at, say, the Rockleigh and similar places in the past, but it is definitely somewhat pricier than if there's an in-house caterer. That said, there isn't that long a list of nicer places with an in-house caterer in NJ, so if you have your heart set on that, you'll probably end up bringing in someone from the outside. There will be more options if you're willing to look in New York City or Long Island.

              Other than the very basic places of Lakewood, and Crystal Plaza, the only place that I can think of that might be big enough with an in-house caterer is the Keter Torah synagogue in Teaneck. I'm sure there are ones I'm forgetting - anybody?

              1. re: GilaB

                I know Magen David in Deal has an in house caterer and hosts a lot of weddings. I don't remember what capacity they have, but it's worth a phone call.

                1. re: avitrek

                  I know I was at a HUGE wedding in Deal, where are you two located? North? Central? South?

              2. re: gmoses

                Non kosher catering halls that do not have an official in house glatt kosher caterer allow glatt kosher caterers to come in . The Client pays the facility for use of space - labor & most of the time the beverages inclusive of all liquor & kosher wines. An off premise kosher caterer arranges for Rabbinical (mashgiach) supervisors to "kasher" the TREIFF kitchen & keep an eye on all food preparation done at that facility - also the mashgiach checks the beverages to insure all liquor & wines meet the standard of kashrus of the caterer. Off premise kosher caterers will bring in all food & equipment needed to facilitate the event . This is the same as in a hotel setting also.
                Pricing for a hall or a hotel sometimes are about the same. Finding a location with an in house kosher caterer is the least problematic - but NJ has almost no facilities that have that.
                It is a lot of work to shop a hall & then shop a caterer - try calling a kosher caterer first & ask for a location recommendation or visa versa - It show that the caterer has a good working relationship with the venu -or ask a hall for a caterer that they enjoy working with - good luck

                1. re: caterman

                  Thank you all for your assistance. I am located in Central Jersey as well as my family and my bride to be is in North jersey. I now better understand the process, as we saw online a few places we really liked but were concerned about the kosher aspect. I prefer the look of more unique wow places more than hotel style places. BUt I am open and more to the point have a real understanding its mostly about my fiancee liking it. I am open to some places in NY but prefer Nj just for the sake it would generally be easier to accommodate people for example guests from Israel would be able to stay at family and friends houses .
                  SO again your advice is invaluable to me and your recommendations are great. ANy one know of a website that has a break down of costs and information like Theknot but for kosher halls or ones people have used as kosher weddings?
                  Thank you

                  1. re: gmoses

                    Try Palisadium in Cliffside Park - they now have a Glatt Kosher caterer and understand how to do Orthodox weddings. Plus it has great views of the hudson river.

                    1. re: jdh11

                      I am thinking of using the Palisadium as the venue for my daughter's wedding next summer. I am looking for sometghing different. Do you know anyone that had a glatt kosher affair there or have you been to one. One review said that the place is beautiful but that the customer service was not.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. My daughter got married 3 1/2 years ago at the Newark Airport Sheraton, catered by Main Event. There were a little under 400 people. It was a great place, great experience. Don't know if there've been changes, but check it out.

          1. How about Skylands in Randolph? I haven't been there in several years but the wedding I went to was fairly large and Glatt Kosher. It has a "wow" factor that is similar in style to Marina (in fact the groom's sister got married in Marina a short time earlier). There is a website that says they have a separate kosher kitchen. I am fairly certain that you would need to find your own caterer. I don't think that using an in-house caterer is such a savings. I find that most facilities that have in-house caterers are synagogues and they tend to be expensive (and usually on the smaller side). Good luck