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Apr 26, 2010 08:36 PM

Iron Chef UK

Well, it was horrible - Chairman Kaga must be rolling in his grave.

I thought ICA was starting to smell but it's fresh compared to the new UK variant, which pits the Chef against a team of 4, who cook one dish each (starters judged at 30 min, mains at 60 min) until the one left standing with the most wins gets to go head-to-head.

Is Nick Nairn really this desperate for on-air time?

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  1. Mercifully, I'm likely to miss it due to its air time.

    I've read about the American version on this board and it filled me with no pleasure that we were going to get a version. Hadnt realised Nick Nairn was doing this - makes it even less worth looking out for.

    1. So so so yawn.

      And please hold the camera still for just a few seconds, you are making me seasick.