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Apr 26, 2010 05:55 PM

Need Rome restaurant suggestions near Via Vittorio Veneto

My husband and I are returning to Rome for our second time - we were last there in Dec 2008. Last trip we stayed in an apartment near Campo dei Fiori. We had many memorable meals, and we definitely plan repeat visits to Cul de Sac, Pierluigi, and Pizzeria Acchiapafantasmi.

This time, however, we are staying for free on points at the Marriott Grand Hotel Flora on Via Vittorio Veneto. We would like to find a few reasonable (50 euro per person or less) restaurants in that part of Rome so that we don't have to stray far from the hotel on the evenings when we've been touring all day. We both love all types of food, with our preferences leaning toward simple preparations with very fresh ingredients.

I appreciate any ideas.

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  1. Here's my report from December 2009 on our "go to" restaurant in Rome, which happens to be in the neighborhood of your hotel and definitely in your price range. Others have posted on it as well with high praise for the quality/value ratio. Try the special 3-course dinner -- it will not disappoint you.
    Vladimiro (formerly Vladimiro/Marcello) (Via Aurora 37, from Via Veneto, go 2 blocks in on Ludovisi, right on Aurora) We have had dinner at this restaurant on every trip to Rome and continue to sing its praises for all-around good dinners at a reasonable price. When we first dined here in the late 1990s, the place was called Marcello, then it became Vladimiro/Marcello and now it is Vladimiro (but a Marcello sign is near the entrance.) Everyone there this night seemed to be enjoying different dishes, but we and another table had the prezzo fisso dinner, which we have always ordered. It began with delivery of 6 bowls of vegetable appetizers (warm lentils in tomato puree, roasted red pepper strips, grilled zucchini pieces, grilled eggplant chunks, hot mixed vegetables (carrots, peas, fava beans), and a platter with 2 outstanding mozzarella balls surrounded by fresh tomato chunks. Since my wife is allergic to raw tomatoes, I mentioned this to the waitress and she returned shortly thereafter with a plate of prosciutto slices for my wife.
    Primo course is also a standard offering of 3 different pastas, each in a different sauce, all 3 served on a large platter. First was spaghetti with artichokes and parsley, second was a short rigatoni-type pasta in a cream sauce with parmesan cheese, third item should have been another style of pasta in a tomato-based sauce, but because of my wife’s allergy, they substituted (without even asking us) a large mound of risotto full of large porcini mushroom chunks.
    Final course was a roast leg of veal with roasted potatoes, the veal sliced from the bone at table. By this time, we were nearly stuffed, so we took with us some leftover veal (ate it next day with pizza bianca bought at a nearby bakery). To finish this meal, they offered a lovely tangerine sorbet with tiny cookies made there. We drank a ½ liter of their house wine and total for the 2 of us for this sumptuous and delicious meal was 80 Euros.
    For anyone visiting Rome the first time and looking for an excellent lasting memory of a good meal, we highly recommend Vladimiro. It’s also a reasonably short walk up the hill from the Piazza di Spagna and in the neighborhood of the big fancy hotels on the Via Veneto.

    1. Just off the Piazza Barberini is Tullio (via San Nicola di Tolentino, 26). I had the most incredible lunch there four years ago and am going again next week. I think for dinner it gets a little more expensive but that is because you *have* to order the steak, which is a dish they are well known for. The menu is online if you want to check it out first.

      1. When I'm in Rome, I also stay at the Marriot. I normally go this restaurant Called Colline Emiliane. Very simple Emiglia Romagna cooking, run by a family. It is a 10 minute walk from Via Veneto.

        You can check out about the restaurant here:

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          Colline Emiliane is where it's at. LOVE that place but you MUST reserve.

          Tuna (via Veneto) does excellent fish but has awful service.

          Palatium (via Frattina) has cheese, cured meats, and lots of other dishes all made from products from Lazio.

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            I agree on Palatium -- quite good. But it is not overly fancy or warm. First floor is a wine bar where you can also get food, but upstairs is a dining room where you can eat dinner without the noise and hustle/bustle of the wine bar. Food is excellent and creative and it's also not far from your hotel. You can catch a bus on Buoncompagni down to the small San Silvsetro bus terminal, get off, and walk 2 short blocks to Palatium.