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Apr 26, 2010 05:23 PM

Bellingham's secret Mexican restaurant

La Gloria Market (& Taqueria) is hidden gem. It's a small (about 10 small tables) restaurant attached to a Mexican grocery store. The food is, I think, the best Mexican in Bellingham. The name means The Glory and it is. We call it Gloria's.

The menu is a marker board over the kitchen -- see attached photos below. We eat there about once a week and love the enchilada combo -- $5.99 for two enchiladas, rice and beans, your choice of meat. I usually get azada (steak) and my wife gets pollo (chicken), but there are many choices like chorizo, tongue, carnitas, etc.

The combos are all $5.99 -- see the left side of the second photo below. These are the best $5.99 meals you find.

Tacos are $1.50 each and are softshell (no Americanized crispy shells here), with any of the meats.

On the right side of the menu board are the platillos at $9.99. These are dinners served with rice, beans and 3 or 4 very tasty, warm tortillas for sopping up the wonderful sauces. I've tried the chili verde, chicken mole (both of which had fantastic sauces), carne asada, and bistec ranchero -- loved it all. I'm looking forward to trying the goat.

Menudo or Pozole are available for $8.99.

It's at 4140 Meridian on the east side, behind the carwash just north of Bakerview. It's hard to see from Meridian -- just turn in at the carwash and when you're behind the carwash you'll see it in the strip of storefronts near the north end.

Please don't tell anyone else about this place. Seriously, I've seen places like this get swamped and not be able to keep the quality. We've been enjoying this place for just over a year and have discussed whether or not to post it. It's not for everyone. If you've got to have a marguerita and crispy shell tacos, this isn't your kinda place (they do have bottled beer). I hate to use the word "authentic" but this is like a little family place you might find wandering around off the tourist trail in Mexico.

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  1. Looks like a place I need to keep in mind when traveling to and from Canada - just off the road to the Linden border crossing.

    1. Thank you for the prompt. I shop every so often in the adjoining grocery store (frozen pupusas! really good marinated pork adobada in the butcher case!) but haven't yet stopped for food there. I have to admit, I've gotten the gringa treatment there at times, so I haven't felt like lingering. It sounds like I should get over it.

      Do you know if they'll pack stuff up to go?

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      1. re: Vetter

        The staff has always been friendly. Most customers appear to be hispanic, but we've never felt uncomfortable. They do a lot of takeout.

        Watch for daily specials on a marker board low on the counter below the register.

      2. Will check this out soon. Thanks

        1. Puzzler, you're so right! I tell my husband every time we eat there that I feel like I'm back in East Los Angeles, where I once worked. We went to little places like this all the time, and it's as excellent as you say. There's no better, more authentic Mex in Bellingham. In fact, no other seems authentic at all by comparison. Even Taco Lobo isn't as good as it used to be--the last two meals I had there have convinced me that La Gloria is the only place to go. If you ever see the green enchilada special? Order it! BEST. ENCHILADA. EVER. ANYWHERE. Unlike no other I've ever had and in a league all by itself. Last week I had a chicken burrito--heavenly. What I do wish for is some fierier salsas, but I'm not complaining.

          1. Thanks for the rec. We stopped in there on our way to and from the States (from BC). It's tricky to find, but quite the little gem. No decent Mexican up by us.

            I had lengua (tongue) tacos and pork tamales, the husband had fajitas. And I got to pick up some great ingredients before we went back home!