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Apr 26, 2010 04:55 PM

Anniversary trip to Paris incl. wedding present dinner for friends

Thanks so much to everyone for all of the helpful posts. I know people ask this all the time, but I'd love your help in narrowing down my list for my upcoming trip to Paris. My husband and I are going for our 2nd anniversary at the end of May. We live in NYC and looooove to eat, so you can imagine how excited we are for this trip (especially since it will be my husband's first time in Paris). We will be there for 7 lunches and dinners and would like to have a good mix of upscale and casual meals.

This is what my list looks like so far:

Chez L’Ami Jean
Josephine-Chez Dumonet
Jules Verne for lunch
Georges in the Centre Pompidou – is this worth going for brunch/lunch or just drinks?
Le Dome du Marais
La Souffle
Chez Grenouille
Le Vingt de Bellechasse
Le Voltaire
Le Poule au Pot

Are there any glaring omissions that come to mind immediately? I'd also love to do a picnic lunch one day in the Place des Vosges, so I'd really appreciate recommendations for any good markets or prepared food shops nearby.

Lastly, we have friends from London who will be meeting us for the weekend. We owe them a wedding present so would like to treat them to a special dinner. They're very close friends who we don't get to see often enough, and the 4 of us can get pretty boisterous when we're together so we definitely don't want to go anywhere that's too stuffy or formal with them. Do you have a suggestion either from the list above or anywhere else that would be good/fun for this occasion? We would be willing to spend up to ~250 euros including drinks (of which there will likely be many!) for this dinner.

Thanks very much in advance!

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  1. For a few days now I have been thinking about taking two good friends and my wife to Jules Verne for lunch and I don't think, from what I've read, that 250 E will cut it.

    You'd do ok at Chez L'Ami Jean for lunch.

    1. I would vote against Astier, Voltaire and Poule au Pot. Your other choices are all interesting and, since you did your research, you know why. For instance nothing can replace the Jules Verne experience if that's what you want, same for Georges in Centre Pompidou.

      Is it 250 for the four of you? If so, and given your professed interest in wine, I would direct you to the comfortable one among the good néo-bistrots -- say Le Bistral, Fish... There are complicated tradeoffs here, and question about the level of comfort you expect, the kind of food...

      1. Georges doesn't work for drinks, the bar is in the middle with no view. I would think dinner is better as it is more glamorous, full of beautiful people (and that is just the staff) and the lights of Paris are nice. Without those distractions you will only have the food.....

        Not to be rude but, apart from the first three or four, it looks like a "Foders" list rather than a Chow one....!

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        1. re: PhilD

          Really? That's not good! The last 3 places on the list came from someone I know who used to live in Paris, but all the others were gathered from various Chow posts...

          Do you have a recommendation for that fun dinner for our friends' wedding present? I think our budget is actually higher..probably closer to 350/400 euros. Thanks!

          1. re: sam920

            I don't think that we've resolved your price point. Are we talking 350/400 per person or for your party of 4?

            1. re: mangeur

              350/400 euros for our party of 4

              1. re: sam920

                I would pick Joséphine, but it's closed on saturdays and sundays. So are many traditional bistrots with great wines. Macéo or Willy's wine bar could do. So would one of the small Rostang places, a Bistrot d'A Coté. Le Bistral would do very well.