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Apr 26, 2010 04:53 PM

Yankee foodies with limited time and limitless appetites

I am a southern girl displaced in Canada and I love to eat. I fell for a guy who also loves to eat. Coincidentally, all of our friends love to eat. And we all love to drink.

So - this guy - let's call him J, he is graduating from a very important degree and will go on to work in the health and poverty field. For his graduation I am surprising him with a trip from our great northern (and somewhat unfriendly home - toronto) to New Orleans and all of his New York friends are joining us.

We have 48 hours. Tell me two things:

1. what can't we miss as eaters? We like it all - from soggy napkin-wrapped food from the back of an unmarked van to eating oysters like Lips Manlis in Dick Tracy.

2. And where can we have a big celebratory dinner on Friday night for a group of 7 people within a $50 per person budget?

We are in town from June 4th to June 6th (a weekend)


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  1. Are you coming in this weekend? Reservations will be tough to get for friday night

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      June 4th to 6th - Friday to Sunday - should have mentioned. Thank you for helping me clarify.

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      1. I am assuming that you will be staying in the downtown/french quarter area and will not have a rental car. However, if you are willing to take a cab, Jaques-Imo's might be an option for Friday night. They will take a reservation for parties of your size. It's a pretty classic New Orleans place, causal and funky, but great food and a lot for your money. You can head next door to the Maple Leaf bar afterward for drinks and live music. A $50 budget is somewhat tight (assuming it includes alcohol and that there will be more than one drink per person at dinner) for some of the nicer restaurants downtown, but Luke and/or Cochon might be options. Great food at both. Luke has 0.25 oysters and half priced drinks for happy hour depending on when you get in. Coquette on Magazine Street (cab required, but not too far) might also work. Beignets at Cafe DuMonde are "do not miss" New Orleans. Stanley and Green Goddess are also popular for breakfast/brunch in quarter and less pricey than, say, Brennan's. Go to Mr. B's for BBQ shrimp and gumbo for lunch or do oysters and po-boys at Acme, po-boys at Johnny's, mufalettas at Central Grocery. For drinks in the afternoon, hit the Carousel Bar at the Monteleon Hotel and Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop. For happy hour/pre-dinner cocktails, try the Hermes Bar at Antoines. They have a bar menu with some of Antoine's famous dishes and you can also order from the full menu, so this would be a good place to snack or even do a light dinner.

        930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

        Green Goddess
        307 Exchange Place, New Orleans, LA 70130

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          That is a good list. The Hermes bar is now one of the best deals in town with their 4-8 happy hour. I'd try the bar food but the restaurant meal we had there last fall was not very good.

          Toronto may be "unfriendly" but I think it is a good restaurant town, particularly for the variety of good ethnic places.

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            I didn't realize happy hour last until 8 at Hermes...this is good news since I rarely get out of work before 6:30-7, which makes it hard to make happy hours during the week. Thanks for the tip!

        2. I'm biased against the quarter and in favor of uptown, so my recommendation for Friday dinners are One and Boucherie. Get reservations at either. These places are both casual fine dining with an attention to detail that is on the standard of any of the more sophisticated fine dining places in town. I love taking groups to both. I say take a cab there and get on the streetcar for the ride back downtown to your hotel.

          Do a brunch one day - Green Goddess or Eat, both in the FQ, are great.

          Green Goddess
          307 Exchange Place, New Orleans, LA 70130

          8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118