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Apr 26, 2010 03:11 PM

High Fiber Food =)

Hi Everyone~
My friend just found out that she has to add more fiber in her diet, but with school & work, she always finds herself eating out. What are some food choices in various restaurants that include fiber, whole grains, etc.

T. I A.

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  1. Prolly can help but what is needed are her locations for work, home, etc (general of course). Also any dietary restrictions, preferences, etc., would be helpful. With that info I bet you get a good amount in response.

    1. Do you know the reason? Just wondering if she's seeking out sources of soluble or insoluble fiber in particular (though many high-fiber foods contain a combination of both)....

      1. Indian food was my first thought, especially vegetarian dishes -- lots of greens/saag, lentils and other legumes (dal), and other veggies. Middle eastern and similar cuisines also often include plenty of legumes which are great sources of fiber. Falafel in a whole wheat pita is a good choice.

        I think a big but common mistake is to try to eat at the same places, just ordering different stuff. At most fast-food joints and Applebees-type places, even if they have salads, you're adding a fairly negligible amount of fiber when you swap a small salad for your fries. Vegan and vegetarian restaurants almost always have high-fiber, nutritious options. Even the salad bar and hot bar at a Whole Foods would be a great place to find a variety of high-fiber foods.

        Furthermore, if there's a serious health issue, it doesn't take that much to pack high-fiber lunches that can be eaten cold (bulgur wheat and lentil salad wrapped in lettuce leaves, or homemade brown rice california rolls). Snacks can be a good source of fiber too. I love pumpkin seeds in the shell, and 1/3 cup serving of those has 28% of the RDA of fiber. Fruit is another one that's portable, requires no prep, and is a great source of fiber.

          1. Surely she snacks between meals? Pears great for fiber, apples too--but you have to eat the peel! For dining out, beans!