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Apr 26, 2010 03:03 PM

Atlanta must-eats for visitors from New York!

We are visiting Atlanta from May 12-16 and we would appreciate your recommendations for must-eats in the area. We are going to be around the Midtown area but we will have a car so transportation is not an issue. We are looking for relatively reasonably priced places (so nothing like Bacchanalia) that are quintessentially Atlanta (Southern-ish), delicious, or just something relatively unique that we would not find easily in other cities. I've done some research and here's what I have so far:

-South City Kitchen
-Fat Matt's (or maybe Fox Bros?)

-Flip Burgers (looks much more delicious than The Varsity)
-Ria's Bluebird (seems a bit different from ordinary gourmet brunch spots)
-Carver's or Busy Bee? (I've been to Mary Mac's before)

We are also driving to Savannah on Saturday and it would be great if you can recommend anything along the way or places in Savannah. Unfortunately, Mrs Wilkes' Dining Room seems to be closed on weekends.


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  1. Well, I was going ti say Bacchanalia, until I got half way through your post. Seriously, you're coming from NY and don't think Bacchanalia is "reasonable"? It's got to be the best deal in the city for food and service quality compared to price.

    South City is a good choice for you, if you're looking for a "southern" experience. For BBQ, I'd go to Harold's. Stay away from awful places like Mary Mac's or Pitty Pat's porch.

    You might consider Miller Union as well for dinner, and maybe brunch at Table 1280.

    Table 1280
    1280 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, GA 30309

    Miller Union
    999 Brady Ave Suite 106, Atlanta, GA 30318

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      ;-) a lot of people mistake high price with good food, the beauty of NY is that there are tons of excellent restaurants in all price ranges

    2. Additional dinner options for you are Abattoir (from the same team as Bacchanalia), Holman & Finch, and JCT Kitchen. All of them will provide a touch of Southern flavor and would definitely fall in the "reasonable" category.

      Hope you enjoy your visit!

      1. Fox Bros over Fat Matt's big time! (Community Q is great too)

        1. I've actually never been to Carver's but my wife and friends who work closer to it say great things. It's been years since I've been to the Busy Bee.

          Bocado also gets a nod alongside Miller Union on the westside. John Kessler recently had great things to say about it on his blog.

          For a semi-Bacchanalia experience, either Abattoir or Floataway Cafe would be good choices. I'm also a big fan of Holeman & Finch. We've also been to Social a couple times lately and have had great meals. This past weekend the service and bar misfired slightly (regular bartender gone and no one could make their specialty drinks), but it's kind of Euro that way (in a good way mostly). The food still rocks.

          For intown BBQ, I'd go to Fox Brothers, Community Q, or DBA in a heartbeat over nasty Fat Matt's. For a semi-countrified Q experience, I'd go to Swallow at the Hollow (Q) or Greenwoods (Southern) in Roswell.

          I think of the drive to Savannah as kind of a food wasteland. Really, once you get on I-16, there just isn't a lot. You might post on the other board to get Savannah feedback- I despise the board split by the way.

          Floataway Cafe
          1123 Zonolite Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306-2015

          1. I lived in NY for the last couple years and have been in Atlanta for a few months. I've been trying real hard to seek out the food that is delicious and unique to Atlanta. I'm still early in my search but I don't have too many recommendations for things that you can't get (or get as well) in New York. However, for starters, I'd say get some Korean food. Atlanta has a ton of great Korean food that far surpasses K-Town in Manhattan and Flushing as well.

            I've now been staring at my screen for 15 minutes and can't come up with anything else. I just haven't been here long enough to find what's special. There's a lot of good food down here but most of what I have had is better in NY (not a slight against Atlanta, food is just that good in NY). I'm sure there are good Southern places to hit up but don't go to Mary Mac's, it was disappointing the one time I went.

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              one more point. I haven't been to any Ethiopian places in Atlanta but I understand (from my Ethiopian friend) that they are good here. I know from experience that they suck in NYC so that might be another thing to consider. Actually, I went to one Ethiopian place in College Park here which was bad but it's on the opposite side of town from the Ethiopian population which I believe is somewhere in the Tucker, Chamblee area