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Apr 26, 2010 02:41 PM

Early Evening Dinner - London (Central ish)

Hi all,

I am visiting London next week for a gig at Royal Albert Hall and need somewhere to eat, allowing enough time to get to the venue for 8.30, so a relatviely early and quick feed needed as probably won't be in to London (Waterloo) until 6 at earliest. Any top tips for either good early eating venues or good eating near the RFH much appreciated. I am open to any cuisine choice, if can keep around £10-15 a head max that would probably be good, party of three or four.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Are you going to the Royal Albert Hall, or the Royal Festival Hall? (you refer to both).. if Royal Albert Hall, there are quite a few places down by south kensington tube, about 7 minute walk away.

    Kulu Kulu is a safe bet - Pretty OK kaiten (conveyerbelt) sushi. Far from top notch but miles better than Itsu or Yo Sushi etc. You can get a reasonable feed for £10-15 there. Try one of thier prawn tempura, salmon and avocado hand rolls. They do pretty good non-sushi dishes too. As long as you can get a seat (its a small place) , you can be in and out really quick.

    Also, there is Rotisserie Bute Street. A simple, no nonsense sort of place, nice decor, reasonably priced. Their spit roast chicken was beautifully cooked.

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    1. Not sure if this helps but here's a map of restaurants near the RAH:

      (Personally I would be tempted to jump off at Gloucester Road, which is on your tube route, and grab a burger at Byron. It's one of the better chains and would certainly fit your budget, leaving you with cash to spend at RAH's pricey bars!)