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Apr 26, 2010 01:54 PM

Richard's Bistro, Manchester NH - So VERY solid, always so wonderful!

Had lunch today with a fellow business owner at Richard's Bistro - I'm always soooo impressed with them, not sure why I don't go more often. I love their economy specials too. We both did the $5 salad that was greens, red onions, strawberrys, almonds, and feta cheese in a wonderful citrus vinagarette. We also both did the $5 entree which was this fantastic potato pancake topped with the most tender and delish steak tips. I have always had fantastic meals here - the bread basket alone is to die for. This time was a wonderful sour dough, a ciabatta with artichoke, sundried toms and cheese, maybe a corn bread type muffin and a cheesy braided roll. Wowsa. I couldn't resist a mini dessert for $3 of nice warm bread pudding topped with whipped cream and strawberries.

Service is top notch. I know a lot of new restuarants are cropping up all around in Manch (always a good thing) but don't forget the oldies but goodies. I totally impressed my Boston dining companion. She loved it.

Richard's Bistro
36 Lowell St Ste 1, Manchester, NH 03101

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  1. This place is awesome!! You cannot beat the lunch menu prices, but seriously, I would pay triple what they charge because is IS that GOOD!

    1. AH and who do you have to thank for introducing you to this treasure :)

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        Ahhhhh, thank you muchly! :-) I would still write rave reviews if I only went for the bread basket and three sides (garlic herbed creamed butter, sweet butter and a chutney). It's a meal in itself BEFORE the meal comes. :-)

      2. We like Richards but used to like it more before the chef from Baldwins started.

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          The food is always great. I could go there for the bread basket alone !!!

        2. So, twice in one week is a great thing! Two of my sisters were traveling through (with my Mom in a wheelchair) and 4 kids so 8 of us ended up here at 2ish for lunch yesterday. I didn't realize they closed at 2:30 but our server didn't bat an eye. You add the fact that everyone was on a budget as they all just were heading home from a 2 day excursion in RI - our bill for 8 came to $55. Everyone loved their food, experience. The adults are looking forward to it again without kids. I've been a waitress before and you may have even caught me frowning at us in the back when you put the timing, low price tag, 4 kids all together - but our waitress was a pro putting through her best service. (unfortunately I dont' remember her name, very dark hair, maybe 20 something). We left her a good tip.

          Food was fantastic - I got the petite entree with cajun blackened shrimp on a potato pancake and green beans. So fantastic, shrimp was cooked perfectly, potato pancake was moist and full of herby flavors, I don't like gr beans - loved these. A lil drizzle of aoili over everything. One sister got the $5 sandwich/wrap which was filled with veggies, artichokes, roasted peppers and swiss cheese - she loved it. 2 kids got the salad, 2 other kids got dessert.

          This $5 deal is wonderful, it makes you want to come back for a lot more and more often.

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            We went for dinner last night--Matt has rolled out the new spring menu. Some nice items, including the duck breast and duck confit entree I had. There was a wonderful typo on the menu: "crispy crap and lobster spring rolls"--they were delicious. The service was fantastic, and yes, the bread basket is worth the trip! We love this place.

          2. The original comment has been removed