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Apr 26, 2010 01:42 PM

Salisbury Wicomico Civic Center

Two New Yorkers will be going to the Wicomico Civic Center for the National
Poodle show this week. Any ideas for a decent lunch? Not too heavy but good eating.

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  1. I grew up on Red Door Sub Shop subs. Left town in 1976, but they are still going strong, and I still get back there for a submarine everytime I'm in town. The epitome of good eating in Salisbury. They are on Rt 13 and about a 15 minute drive (west on Main from the Civic Center area and then left on 13 for about 2 miles. Best to use a Garmin to find it.

    Red Door Sub Shop
    800 S Salisbury Blvd, Salisbury, MD 21801

    1. pups224, I have been checking back here since reading your original post hoping to grab some new ideas for myself. Red Door sounds good but I wanted to be sure you saw this review by Ike who is usually the Salisbury Chowhound. Tuscany Grill also sounds like a nice place for lunch if it is not too much of a drive for you.
      Here is their website: http://www.tuscany-grill.com/
      Here is Ike's review: http://www.chow.com/restaurants/80187...

      I hope you enjoy the Poodle Show. It sounds like fun.

      Red Door Restaurant
      314 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23219