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Apr 26, 2010 01:15 PM

favorite restaurant in nj

List your favorite restaurant for food and service and why!!Thank you

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  1. Jimmy Buff's East Hanover. I love hot dogs and they are the originator of the Newark style Italian Hot Dog. They also serve a great natural casing beef dog.

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Highland Pavilion, because of the view of my favorite place in the world -- NYC --, and the service, and food is very good too... :) Honorable mention to IL Casetello's in Woodbridge, for the food & service and China Cafe Chinese takeout, because Rikki makes the best ribs.

          1. Amanda's in Hoboken. The food is outstanding, the setting is charming (two converted brownstones), and the owners/hosts, Joyce and Eugene Flinn, make you feel like a guest in their home.

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              I'll put Amanda's up there, we had our rehearsal dinner there as well and I have always enjoyed my meals there. I recently dined at Su in Edgewater. It's a vegetarian place and was very good, it will make my rotation even though I am by no means a vegetarian.
              I used to love Ox in Jersey City but sadly it has closed.

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                I'm laughing about these posts about Amanda's in Hoboken because that is the restaurant I started writing about, and then decided to delete what I had written (see my post above from 4/26/10) because I have not been back there since 1995, and was not certain how it has held up over the years. Glad to see Amanda's has a more current following, and that other people consider it a special place. Amanda's will always be one of my favorite restaurants because of memories of special occassion, romantic meals there with my wife (way back when we were young....and occassionally romantic). I don't recall specifics about the food so much as the wonderful, intimate atmosphere, however the food must have been very good too or else we would not have gone there the many times we did.

                1. re: Forklaw

                  How funny! You must go back Forklaw. While the original building is still part of the restaurant, they bought the building next door and broke through the wall to expand. The "newer" side is not as intimate, but it is still very nice. Plus they have a wine cellar room downstairs to accommodate bigger parties. If you were to go back and craved the intimate setting you loved, you could certainly request a table in the "older" section.

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                    Thanks. Like most of Hoboken nowadays, I probably won't even recognize the old place.

              2. re: ttoommyy

                Yes...excellent choice...also on my short-list of favorites...haven't been in a long time and would really like to get back there soon...Thanks.