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Apr 26, 2010 11:53 AM

Any bakery in the east bay have a great coconut cake?

I am looking for a coconut cake for a birthday -- anyone know of a bakery in the east bay that makes a really good one?

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  1. Call Sweet Petitie and ask if she can make one. ANYTHING she makes is great.

    1. I haven't had it myself, but I've heard Crixa makes a good coconut cake.

        1. Market Hall bakery has coconut cake -- it is decent, but not spectacular. When I was looking for one in January, I ended up getting a different cake from Crixa that was wonderful. Next time I plan on getting the coconut cake from Crixa.

          The best coconut cake I have found is at, of all places, Somerset at Rockridge. I can't recommend anything else there. In fact, I wouldn't go there at all. But you might want to see if they will sell you a whole cake because it is wonderful.

          1. After careful "research", some friends declared a winner:

            Marita's Sweet Potato Pie company in San Leandro.