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Apr 26, 2010 11:53 AM

Dinner in Addison

What's a good place to go for dinner in Addison, preferably near the Mariott Quorum? Any kind of cuisine, moderate (say under $25 per person budget). Thanks!

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  1. You're near the Addison Walk area which has a lot of chains (mostly skippable) but there've been good reviews of Volos (Mediterranean, tapas style) and Kenny's Wood-fired Grill (American).

    If you're interested in any more ethnic cuisine you're gonna have to head west on Belt Line into Carrollton. Belt Line and Josey intersection has some more choices: Casa Vieja (Colombian), First Chinese BBQ (Chinese), and a bunch of Vietnamese pho restaurants - would recommend Pho 2006 or Pho Pasteur.

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        Oh yeah and since it looks like you're from out of town go get some Mexican food. Again stay away from the chains in Addison, drive west and try out Tipicos in Carrollton. If I remember correctly it is cash only.

        (ctrl+f for tipico)

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        Kenny's is great (I have the open-face steak sandwich made with smoked Gouda instead of Brie), Chow Thai is good (Thai beef salad, chicken satay, mango & sticky rice) ... I really like the chicken fajitas at Uncle Julio's. The crab cake at Houston's is great ... it's one of those places where dressing to the nines pays off. (Much less attitude at any of the other places mentioned ...)

        PS Houston's may conflict with your budget, esp. at dinner, depending on how much food you want to order. I believe the menu's available online?

        Chow Thai Restaurant
        5290 Belt Line Rd Ste 144, Dallas, TX 75254

        Uncle Julios
        1125 N Union Bower Rd, Irving, TX 75061

        1. Try Houston's...just down the road on Beltline near Montfort. Also, Manny's Tex-Mex on Midway just south of Beltline. Great brisket tacos!