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Victor's Falafel - Natick

Gordough Apr 26, 2010 11:32 AM

Anyone tried or heard anything about this place that appears to have just opened? It is on Route 9 (westbound side) right after Scrub a Dub and next to the Hess gas station. Information on line appears to be extremely limited.

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    portiastar May 11, 2010 09:57 AM

    Just had lunch here - it was slow (only the owner was working) but quite good. Very clean tasting food. I tried the #1 falafel+hummous wrap and also had zatar bread. Both excellent - I'll be back.

    There are loads of menu items, and the owner is very nice.

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    1. re: portiastar
      nsenada May 11, 2010 10:00 AM

      That's great - I was just going to post asking about this place. Do they include pickles in the wraps? That's one think I like about Falafel King in Downtown Crossing.

      1. re: nsenada
        portiastar May 11, 2010 10:57 AM

        I don't think there were any pickles in my wrap, but the owner was really nice - you could probably request them.

        1. re: portiastar
          Klunco May 17, 2010 11:07 AM

          Owner was nice but wow he needs to hire someone else. Slow is an understatement. We stood at the counter for half an hour before we finally ordered then it took about another 15 minutes for him to make two falafels with hummus. Prices are good and falafels are decent, definitely passable. I wouldn't go out of your way to go here but the falafel was fresh tasting and hit the spot.

          I do hope he hires someone else to help him out or at least does some prep before hand. Behind the counter it looked like a bomb went off. Plates and platters everywhere, and he was cutting chunks of tomato and lettuce and everything else individually for each sandwich, but not in an "I'm a completely obsessive chef who has to cut each tomato slice individually type way."

      2. re: portiastar
        sojourn1 May 16, 2010 08:28 AM

        You've got to be kidding. I had the falafel and hummus wrap and there was nothing in it. I brought it home and was shocked to find little pieces of falafel balls that must have been equivalent to one or two. There were a few slices of onion, a few pieces of lettuce, and this thick awful dressing that was the taste and color of russian dressing. I couldn't even find the hummus. I called and spoke with owner who had made my wrap, and told him i was disatisfied. He laughed and said, " you take care." I then said i wanted my money back. He laughed again, and hung up.

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        Wheels1 May 21, 2010 08:15 AM

        This place is TERRIBLE ... Service is SLOW , food is AVERAGE and owner is a KOOK. He is like the soup-nazi only his food is just average at best. I was in a slight rush one day and it took him 15+ minutes to make a falafel wrap ( only one other customer in the store). He sweats like a pig and food is strewn all over the counter. I was starving and he made me pay first so I waited. When I politely asked if he could speed it up beacuse I was in a rush , he freaked out on me and told me not to come back if I am going to rush him. Guy is a Nut-bag...

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        1. re: Wheels1
          nsenada May 21, 2010 11:15 AM

          No mediocre falafel for you - ONE YEAR!

        2. b
          bobbymo Jun 12, 2010 05:12 PM

          Just had this yesterday, june 11 with my girlfriend, AWFUL !!! Had the large falafel with hummus wrap...The only thing good was the pita bread..practically no traces of falafel when we opened it up, service was S L OOOOO W .....and victor was downright rude... after we ordered, and paid, he TOLD us we were not allowed to stand at the counter while we waited for our takeout and ORDERED us to sit....while sitting, he YELLED at a 6 year old child who was sitting at a table and spinning the salt shaker....I quote " DONT PLAY WITH THE SALT"....this is not the Ritz Carlton, perhaps someone should send Victor a memo...or better yet, a decent recipe for a basic, edible, falafel. The guy is full of himself, and the falafel is full of air....completely lacking in ingredients, hospitality, and parking... stay away

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            Tatania Jun 12, 2010 05:24 PM

            I was so excited to see something that isn't a chain open up in the hood, so imagine my disappointment at the lack of quality -- and almost complete lack of falafel -- in the wrap at Victor's. It should be called The Empty Pita. Guess we'll still have to go to Rami's when the yen hits.

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            1. re: Tatania
              Science Chick Jun 13, 2010 07:29 AM

              Or try Fordess in Watertown. Very yummy, nice folks and generous portion

              1. re: Science Chick
                Tatania Jun 16, 2010 02:01 PM

                Definitely -- part of any field trip to Sevan.

                1. re: Tatania
                  chompie Jun 18, 2010 02:09 AM

                  anyone know if this is the same Victor who had VIctor's Pizza and I think also a felafal store in Brookline Coolidge Corner, and also was a hairdresser at Dellaria?

                  1. re: chompie
                    Tatania Jul 5, 2010 11:37 AM

                    Don't know about that, but I do know he had a store in Arlington.

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