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Need Help with Paris Itinerary

My wife and I are from Texas and are making our first trip to Paris this weekend and are looking for some recommendations near our hotel. We are staying right near the Louvre.

We aren't very adventurous eaters and tend to stick to American/Mexican/Italian cuisine but we would like to take a few risks and try new things. Just no seafood please.

The food items I'm mainly looking for are things like Croque Monsieur's, baguettes, crepes, and then maybe a few French favorites.

Any help would be appreciated. We are in town from April 30-May 3.

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  1. The food at Le Souffle should be very approachable. http://www.lesouffle.fr/presentation It is the favorite of a relative of mine who is not an adventurous diner.

    On the same street is L'Ardoise who's menu offers a wide choice. http://www.lardoise-paris.com/cartes-...

    1. For crepes, you might try the
      Breizh Café
      109, Rue Vieille du Temple, 3rd (Metro: Filles du Calvaire)
      Closed Sundays and Mondays
      A la carte about 25 €.

      And for Italian:
      Mori Venice Bar
      2 rue du 4 Septembre, 2nd (Metro : Bourse)
      Closed Saturday lunch and Sundays
      A la carte 40-60 €.

      If you like Danny Meyer/etc American food Ralph Lauren opened his new resto Ralph's today on the Bvd St Germain.

      As for getting a bit adventuresome, this board is full of good ideas but I'm not sure how much you want to stretch. Are you talking about products (snails, rabbit, tripes) or preparations (raw, fatty, sauced) or crazy combinations (tonite for instance I fixed myself a duck breast with balsamic and Armagnac and avocado).

      I predict this will be an interesting thread.

      John Talbott's Paris

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        Thank you for the recommendations.

        To clarify what i meant by "adventuresome" I was more referring to the preparation and something I wouldn't normally find in America.

        As far as the types of products go, we usually stick to chicken, beef, pork, and pasta.

      2. I forgot to mention as well that we would love some recommendations for dessert. We are big fans of ice cream and anything with chocolate.

        I was just reading about Berthillon and it sounded like something we would enjoy.

        1. It seems what you would like is french and friendly? How about Chez Janou ,www.chezjanou.com, at 2 Rue Roger Verlomme which is in the Marais. The Marias has beautiful streets that lets you know you are in Paris and this restaurant has wonderful chocolate mousse for dessert. For a little more money there is La Rôtisserie du Beaujolais, 19, quai de la Tournelle across from Notre Dame. They have chicken and duck ala rotisserie and a charming place to go. Try to sit by the window.

          1. Chez Flottes has great Croques (Imperial & Provencal), usually served in the bar area, and good duck dishes (Confit de Canard comes with Aligote). An Irish bar (Carr's), down from Souffle, and Le Castiglione, if you want a superb burger, quite expensive. You might like the brasseries, many are within walking distance. This is all comfort food stuff, you will be missing a lot, but what the hey.

            1. Perhaps steak frites, roast chicken ,oeuf meurette or calves liver at a place like Brasserie Balzar would be an interesting introduction to Paris. I agree with Oakglen about the Croques at Flottes as a great first timer option.

              1. L'Ami Louis. Roast chicken. Go for it!

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                  We just went to L'Ami Louis last night and loved it! Maybe not the best food, but very good and loved the atmosphere. The staff was very pleasant too, not like some other posts had describred.

                  We started with escargot and duck confit. Escargot had a little too much raw garlic taste for me, but hubby enjoyed it. Duck confit was incredible!! Pleased that they serve it with the gelee! It doesn't look that appetizing, but when you taste it, you realize how good it is!

                  Enjoyed the chicken, not the best I've had, but the presentation is beautiful and the jus that comes with it is delicious. We orded it with the Pommes Gallette and they also served frites with it. I really liked the pommes gallete!!

                  A little pricey, but worth it....320 euros for 2...1 bottle of wine, 2 badoits & espresso.

                  The people watching was very fun too ;o)

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                    Despite the fuss about their roast chicken, I think things like the Beef chop or the mutton are the great mains at l'Ami Louis.

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                      Souphie, I hope I can go back whenever I return to Paris. I would love to try the other items on the menu that you mentioned. I especially would like to try their asparagus. It seemed too outrageously priced at the time (66E), but I was salivating when I saw it go to the table next to ours! I love how your asparagus is big, fat, green on the outside, but white on the inside....yummy!!