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Apr 26, 2010 09:56 AM


first impressions/reviews?

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  1. I was there for a private event last week. Not everything on the menu was available- but there were plenty of choices- and those that we tried were all very good.

    While the steak was not as good as at Solo, it was still far better than almost any other kosher restaurant in NYC.

    Decor was understated but nice.

    Service was excellent (hope that lasts!)


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        Upper West Side - 217 W. 85th St.

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          When is it opening to the public?

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            They're open to the public starting tonight. I made reservations for later in the week - I'll update you!

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        wow - prices seem cheap compared to PG -

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          This menu and prices look great! excellent options.

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            And from today's Times:

            PRIME KO Joey Allaham, who owns Prime Grill, a glatt kosher steakhouse in Midtown, has opened this duplex glatt kosher Japanese steakhouse with a sushi menu minus shellfish. It has a sushi bar downstairs. The chef, Makoto Kameyama (above), also serves yakitori, ceviche, tempura and noodles: 217 West 85th Street, (212) 496-1888.

        2. Ate at Prime KO last night! The restaurant is gorgeous - I checked out the upstairs but ate downstairs. Upstairs is a really elegant dining room, perfect for private parties. Downstairs has a really fun vibe with a lounge area, full liquor bar and sushi bar with seats.
          The food is very moderately priced with a wideranging menu - there's an expansive fish menu (sushi, sashimi, and otherwise), but there are also a lot of meat, chicken, and vegetable options for anyone not a fish eater. I loved everything I had and there's so much more that I want to try out. I started with the seafood boullibaise (which I've never had before - it was amazing) and my friend had this really tasty chicken ball soup (i'm going to mangle the spelling but I think it's called tsukunai) and we shared a sushi platter - AMAZING. Then I had the shabu shabu, which is beef swished in a broth (it sounds weird but it's great) and my friend had the chateubriand - very decently priced and VERY good. For dessert I had the yuzu souffle tart and my friend had the coconut meringue. Really tasty and such a nice change from the runny chocolate cakes (never a bad idea, but it's nice to change it up once in awhile - although there is a warm chocolate cake on the menu for the faint of heart, along with an assortment of ice creams, sorbets, and fresh fruit).
          Highly recommend - we had a great time.
          The service was great, despite its relative newness - our waiter was attentive to our needs and informed on the menu.

          1. I went last night with a few family members - all together a party of five. I was a little nervous because sometimes a new place takes time to iron our the wrinkles, and a larger group is always more challenging. Overall, we were very impressed. The space is beautiful, more hip and MUCH quieter than the other upscale kosher places like Prime Grill or Solo. We sat downstairs, and it was a pleasure not to hear our neighbors dinner conversation. Food did take a long time to arrive - likely related to this being the second week, but I will have to go back to confirm. The food was fantastic. Crispy rice balls with spicy tuna was my favorite appetizers. The beef carpaccio was also delicious. We mainly ordered sushi for the entrée, but did try a few other items (kobe beef ravioli and sautéed mushroom salad also very good). The sushi rolls were good but not brilliant, but all the sushi/sashimi appetizers were incredibly good, and same for the quality of the sashimi. Desserts were good, although unfortunately parve always means not quite as good as the real thing. Aside from the wait for our food, service was very good - friendly and courteous. And finally - prices were significantly better than I expected, given the quality of the menu. Definitely plan to visit again soon.

            1. I am a restaurant critic for the Jewish Star and I am scheduled to review Prime KO on June 6th. Having been to Prime Grill on a number of occasions and enjoying it I am looking forward to trying Prime KO.

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                I hope you've already been there, and it's just that your review is scheduled for publication on that date. Otherwise, you've just announced to them to keep an eye out for you!