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Apr 26, 2010 09:46 AM

How Noble is Noble?

The restaurant on Dundas at Spadina, that Is. Dug up some dated threads which helped a bit but would like some input based on more recent experience.

How is the dim sum after 4pm? Any outstanding dishes, dim sum or à la carte? Anything we shouldn't touch with a 10 foot chopstick? A Singaporean friend quite likes the joint but I have never been.

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  1. I like this place quite a bit. It isn't spectacular, but they have pretty solid dim sum and the prices are pretty affordable. The service is pretty good too, and the place is pretty spotless. I really like their non-dumpling dim sum - cuttlefish, sticky rice, chinese sausage and rice, deep fried tofu, etc. The dumplings are pretty good too, but some of the dumpling wrappers have a slightly odd texture that isn't quite as nice as at other dim sum places. That's the only caveat I would give.

    Basically, if I'm looking for more elaborate dim sum I go to Pearl, but if I'm looking for a high-quality, fairly quick meal at a decent price (usually $20 for 5 dish and tea, including tax and tip) I head to Noble Seafood.

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      Thanks much for the solid info.

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        When you read the reviews on the board of the dim sum places in the neighborhood the favorite child seems to be Rol San. However, every time I've been there the place has had a bustling rushed feeling to it compared to what I've experienced at Noble -- which is very good on all counts as dibpal notes.

        Rol San
        323 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2E9, CA

      2. We had a fine meal. A la carte rather than dim sum.

        Sliced Soy Marinated Beef Shank for an appetizer. It was served cold and was on the chewy side (not surprising for that part of the beast) but loaded with beefy flavour—something I'd pack for a picnic, with mustard and pickles. The Szechuan Chicken was tasty: a generous portion of bird and baby corn, celery, carrot and onion in a spicy chicken broth based sauce. The Salt and Spicy Shrimp were very nice—an ample serving of 16-21 count shrimp, unshelled and heads on, dressed in a piquant not-too-wet blend of minced garlic and red chillies.

        The room is clean, spacious and brightly lit without being garish. Service from waitress, busboy and floor manager was courteous and efficient.

        We'll definitely be back.