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Apr 26, 2010 09:22 AM

roasted veggies, what do you do with the leftovers.

I just discovered roasted veggies. So now I have been looking at the rack at the grocery store with the super ripe veggies and buying whatever I think I will like. Last week it was cauliflower and tomatoes. I roasted them right away when I got home and plan to use them with pasta. I used some in an omelet over the weekend. what else can I do?

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  1. Roasted vegetables make nice salads, served more towards room temperature, dressed simply with olive oil and balsamic, white, red or sherry wine vinegar. Depending on what vegetables you're using, add olives, tomatoes, roasted peppers, caramelized onions or whole roasted shallots, herbs, toasted walnuts, hazelnuts or pine nuts, etc. You have lots of possiblities.

    If you have roasted root vegetables, such as carrots, parsnips or rutabag, or winter squashes, like buttenut, they can be combined with different grains and legumes, such as wheat berries, barley, large couscous, or lentils, or different types of rice. Dress well and add plenty of herbs.

    Love that roasted caulifower/tomato/pasta idea.

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      I agree wholeheartedly on the salad idea. I lvoe a roasted veggie salad. I like to sprinkle mine with crumbled feta


    2. They are good dressed warm, room temp, or cold as a stand-alone salad but also mixed into a tossed salad.

      Add them to homemade soup or to doctor up canned soup, particularly purees (you can puree the roasted stuff or leave in chunks). Puree them and use as a base for sauce/gravy. I got this idea from Paul Prudhomme's recipe for turkey gravy, in which he sautees sweet potatoes, eggplant, onion, garlic, etc., and purees it. I started doing that - I freeze the puree in 4oz. amounts to use whenever making gravies.

      I like a sandwich made with room-temp roasted vegetables on a crunchy roll, with a little Ranch dressing, then top with cheese and put into the toaster oven until melted and browning a bit.

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        I second the soup idea. Puree them up with some stock, season, and you have a nice veggie soup.

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          I third the soup idea. I have done that before with a bit of curry powder and it is fabulous because of the sweetness of the roast veg.

      2. I like to take my leftover veggies and top a pizza with them. You can also puree them into a sauce & spoon onto a plate; top with some risotto cakes, add a sprinkle of cheese and you have a main course.

        1. Puree (and spice it up with some Srircha or tobasco) and use it as a dip for chips, pita, melba toast, etc.

          1. I make cous cous w/ roasted veggies - and if you have merguez sausage, add that.
            Or large(Israeli/Pearl) cous cous w/ goat cheese and roasted vegg -
            or layer on a sandwich and spread w/ mix of ricotta and pesto and balsamic

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              2nd the couscous, or maybe some quinoa too.