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Apr 26, 2010 09:07 AM

Has anyone seen Yuzu in Calgary?

I have been seeking out Yuzu in any form (the fruit, syrup, or juice) in Calgary with no success. Has anyone spotted this elusive ingredient? I've tried all the major grocers plus Sunterra, not that I expected to find it there, but I did have hope for T&T which came up empty. I asked about it at T&T, but they had no idea what I was going on about. Summer is coming and Yuzu is amazing in Mojitos! Any suggestions? Many thanks...

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  1. You could try one of the online Japanese food markets--just Google it. At the very least, they'll carry the bottled juice, which is, of course, inferior to the fresh fruit but better than nothing.

    1. Following chrisofvienna's reply- if it's juice, maybe you can find it at Arirang Market?

      1. I don't know if this is much help but according to wiki (I know not the best source) but in modern Chinese, the name yòuzi refers to the pomelo, while the yuzu is known as xiāngchéng, and in Korean yuja.

        I thought I saw yuzu but in Feb-Mar - I wonder if it's something only available seasonally?

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          My girlfriend has bought the syrup used for making tea at Arirang (the syrup is basically chopped rind and fruit mixed with honey and sugar). I get large dosages of this tea during the winter to ward off sickness, colds, evil spirits etc. She does not recall ever seeing the actual fruit in Canada although she says that's not important because she would only use it for tea and not eat the fruit directly. I imagine the syrup would work good in mojitos.

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            Thank you everyone! I will head down to Arirang this weekend and be happy with any form I can find. I didn't have high hopes for finding the fruit itself, and the recipe does call for syrup (I would have derived it from the fruit if unavailable) so I will hopefully be good to go. After finding Yuzu syrup I will only need sunshine :) Many thanks for all your suggestions.