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Apr 26, 2010 08:01 AM

Chemical Reactions You've Learned That Help Your Cooking

Hey! I was wondering if you guys have interesting stories to share regarding any "chemical reactions" you've learned over time that help your cooking. For example, how lemon turns garlic green - (which is not very visually pleasing), so I usually find some way to avoid them being in the same pot together. Share away!

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  1. Vinegar turns garlic blue, It looks funny especially when I top my egyptian "fattah" with the mixture.

    That's it for me I think.

    1. How when you're making vinaigrette, if you use lemon juice it emulsifies much better than with vinegar.

      1. Salt will put out my grease fire. :(

        1. Maillard reaction- the most interesting example being turning condensed milk into dulce de leche by heating it gently in a pot of simmering water for several hours.

          I pour the condensed milk into another container first, because the cans might explode if too much pressure builds up. I used the dulce de leche to make kulfi. It was delicious!

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            Whoa it does that?? I didn't know that's how you make dulce de leche...(makes sense now why it's called leche, ha). I always thought it was a caramelized sugar type deal.