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Apr 26, 2010 07:51 AM

Craving for great coffee after NYC trip: Where can I go?

While LA beats NY in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican etc, NY coffee (and beer) scene is just way ahead of LA. Checked out a couple of coffee places in NY, and the following 2 really stands out:

Cafe Grumpy @ Chelsea: Great single origin coffee, Clover really pulled out the floral note in their Sumatra coffee beans.

Bluebird Coffee @ Lower East Side. Counter Culture beans, best cup of latte ever, friendly barista/owner managed to achieve perfect harmony between milk and coffee.

So, I'm back in LA, and I'm really craving coffee at that level now. Where can I go ?

These are my regular coffee spots : Intelligensia (SIlverlake & Venice), Expresso Cielo (Santa Monica), Cafe Luxxe (Brentwood), Profeta (Westwood). Anywhere else?

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  1. LA Mill? Just got back from NY myself, wish I had the chance to try some of those places!

    1. conservatory for coffee and tea. culver city

      1. Here are a couple of previous threads on this subject that ought to be helpful in surveying the "coffee territory" of Los Angeles:

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          wasn't there some joint that opened up in venice, or sm near main street and marine, anyone know what i'm talkin about that might be promising in that vein???

        2. I find the espresso drinks at Intelligentsia to be pretty similar to what you get at Bluebird (I've never been to Grumpy). Are you finding it lacking?

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            I've haven't been to either, but I've been to Manhattan's Gimme! Coffee on Mott St. The cappuccino was excellent, but I didn't feel blown away when compared to the usual LA spots. While I'm sure there are numerous great cafes in NY, I don't believe that it is way ahead in the coffee scene in terms of pushing the envelope...the Bay Area, maybe.